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Ying Tung Industrial Co., Ltd

Ying Tung Industrial Co., Ltd

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Zhuzhou Yingdong Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, is a professional engaged in various levels of our reagents, reagent Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid reagent Ammonium fluoride R & D, production, management of chemical enterprises, in this twenty years, our team has been using the 100% "heart" only hydrofluoric acid and ammonium hydrogen fluoride, ammonium fluoride from MOS, UP, EL, GR, AR, CP, into the industry, we are all in the production, at present has become the reagent hydrofluoric acid production, sales of the first, production and sales of 100 million yuan of reagent and hydrofluoric acid.

In 2003, both through the ISO9001 quality certification, the reagent hydrofluoric acid has been "Hunan Zhuzhou famous brand product certificate" and other honorary.

Necessary conditions for production of ultra pure high net reagent hydrofluoric acid: 10000 grade ultra cleanliness operation and analysis chamber 5 my company, the United States of America DOW company manufacturing device of ultra pure water, the production of reagent water for 18200000000000 euro, reagent hydrofluoric acid production equipment for the manufacture of Japanese big Beijing company, laboratory, ICP-MS detection chamber atomic absorption, emission the other large spectrum detecting instrument for quality control.

Our goal is: from fluorite powder, sulfuric acid, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid reagent; a comprehensive quality control, to provide the best quality of hydrofluoric acid for our professional customers.

The company's dangerous goods team will provide you the punctual arrival, specially formulated, for hydrofluoric acid burn medicine, hydrofluoric acid burn emergency treatment plan book, workers and chemical hospital professional doctor 24 hours emergency telephone with you, without your any menace from the "rear".

In twenty years, we are adhering to the "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, the letter" life purpose, to serve the new and old customers, and sincerely hope that you happy cooperation, and to my company guidance, inspection, tourism.

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Company Name: Ying Tung Industrial Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.zzyd.com.cn/