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Preshade 4D Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blank Balance Of Strength And Translucency

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Preshade 4D Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blank Balance Of Strength And Translucency

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Product Details

Preshade 4D Multilayer Zirconia Blanks Balance Of Strength And Translucency

  • Dental zirconia blocks, 4D Multilayer colored by HONCHON
  • Multilayer with best durability, high biocompatibility, high strength mechanical properties will guarantee you an optimal aesthetic and permanent final result. With natural transition, high transparent and top aesthetic restorative effect, Multilayer can be the best choice for both doctors and patients.
  •  Features 
  • ------exquisite technology ------excellent quality
  • ------high strength -----superior mechanical properties
  • ------high translucency -----good aging resistance and biocompatibility
  • ------Six layers color natural transition ------Fluent line top aesthetic effect
  • ----- Compatible: OPEN CAD/CAM system --- Bending Strength: 600-1100MPA

Our zirconia is a partially sintered 3mol% yttria (Y2O3) stabilized zirconia (ZrO2) block, which is made from zirconia ceramics powder by cold isostatic pressing and machining. It is more homogeneous than uniaxial pressed. After fully densified, Zr-block has a high strength, excellent biocompatibility and aesthetics. HONCHON Zr-block can be machined to dental restorations by different CNC or manual milling systems. Applications include both anterior and posterior single tooth or bridge restorations. Currently we mainly offer three material as : HT Zr -- Normal translucent zirconia, applied for crown and bridges ST Zr -- Super translucent zirconia, applied for crown and bridges especially for full contour crown and bridges


Other Oxides<0.2wt%

All  size we can supply: 



Color we can offer it for you :

white / A1 / A2 / A3 / B1 / B3 / C2


【4D Gradient】For our honchon multilayer blanks

a.Color gradient

b.Translucency gradient

c.Strength gradient

d.high fracture toughness


6 layers of natural color transition, matching color gradient of natural tooth from cervical to incisal.

Translucency from 53% in incisal to 43% in cervical.It shows gradient decrease,achieving life-like transparency of natural tooth enamel while low transparency in cervical has effective opaque!

Strength gradient from 600 Mpa to 900 Mpa. It achieves low strength in occlusion and causes no harm to opposing dentin. High strength in base part realizes long bridge restoration!

 Advantages of our 4D multi - layer zirconium : 

many years research and dedication. This multilayer zirconia exceeds all current zirconias on the market with its unique balance of strength and translucency.

  1. One-step solution
  2. Superb aesthetics
  3. Backcutting effect
  4. Anterior full contour (crown &bridge)
  5. Posterior full contour (crown &bridge)

Strong Production Capability

• 15000 ㎡ production base with more than 300 workers in the factory.

• Production capability reaches 30 tons/month.

Strict Quality Control

• Key quality control processes like CIP&Zirconia powder selection.

• Total 18 quality control processes to ensure the quality under control.

Professional Customer Service

• Professional service team with more than 5 years’ experience on CAD/CAM system and dental materials.

• Professional problem diagnosis & trouble-shooting solutions could be provided to you with 24 hours.


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