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Shenzhen Zhou Chuang Technology Co.,LTD

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Address: 2nd Floor, XinYi Building, Sha Bei Li Industrial Area, Long Gang District, Shen Zhen City, China. 518116.

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Shenzhen Zhou Chuang Technology Co.,LTD

About Us

Shenzhen Zhou Chuang Technology Co.,Ltd is an expertised manufacturer of safety lockout tagout which is located in ShenZhen area in china. Our safety solutions and equipments have achieved its desired growth due to the appreciation and goodwill that customers have showed on them from all over the world. Our company is also well know for its sincere efforts at keeping up to customer satisfication and demands.


Our products covers


Safety Lockout Padlock, Lockout Hasp, Valve Lockout, Pneumatic Lockout, Cable Lockout, Circuit Breaker Lockout, Lockout Station, Tag & Label.




Due to the high rate of industrial accidents caused by unexpected organization or start up of machines or equipment or uncontrolled release of energy, reducing the industrial accidents becomes one of today’s most serious issues. LOCKOUT / TAGOUT is a planned safety procedure that disables the energy supply of industrial machinery and equipment whilst servicing, maintenance work or repairs are in progress. Many of industrial accidents can be prevented by proper LOCKOUT / TAGOUT procedures.


Why choose Zhou Chuang ?


About us

Some of our strengths that make us your most reliable business partner are:

1) Extensive industry knowledge / experience

2) Wide range of products for diverse applications in various industry segments

3) Our comprehensive quality policy

4) Reliable, well-organized and efficient distribution network

5) Competitive prices

6) Our stable business model, robust finance,honest value system and customer-centric approach.


Quality Policy

We deliver quality to our customers through quality built into our products at various stages ranging from product design up to testing and through quality services to our customers.

To achieve these objectives, we have a highly knowledgeable / experienced team of professionals aided by highly skilled manpower, have deployed the latest technologies for product design/manufacturing/testing,have installed state-of-the-art management systems and have adopted customer-centric approach.


Warranty and after-sales service

1) Warranty: 1 years, for defective one, we will replace a total new cap lamp during warranty time

2) After sales service: will deal with your complaint at first time, give you solution within 5 working days

3) Free samples: free samples will be provided when our new models come out

4) Market support: we can support you to do advertisment in local magazine and provide samples with

big discount for exhibition




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Company info

Company Name: Shenzhen Zhou Chuang Technology Co.,LTD
Country: china
Address: 2nd Floor, XinYi Building, Sha Bei Li Industrial Area, Long Gang District, Shen Zhen City, China. 518116.