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PVB Laminated Glass

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PVB Laminated Glass

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PVB Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of two or more pieces of glass, with one or more layers of organic resin film, permanently bonded together by high temperature and high pressure.

PVB (polyvinylbutyral) is the traditional and most widely used laminated materials.

The PVB laminated glass has full UV absorption ability, good sound-insulation and noise reduction ability, In the case of one or two pieces glasses are destroyed the laminated glass still has a relatively independent integrity

Especially because of the concerns of tempered glass self-explode can’t be eliminate made laminated glass be the safest option.

Knowledge about the edge tackles and sealing

The proper edge sealing adhesive can effectively prevent the emulsification erosion of moisture to the PVB, maintenance bonding capacity. But the unreliable edge sealing process and the edge sealing adhesive aging cracking potentially cause poor drainage, accelerating destruction of the film. So don’t put it in the water-rich environment for a long time is the key point of keeping the film adhesion, and must assure good drainage of the laminated glass used in the frame.

When plating layer of laminated glass and the same thickness non-laminated glass, due to the absorption of film at 400-380nm wave range, the color may be some yellow, be prepared when designing.

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