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Anhui Zhanjo Natural Product Co.,ltd

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Address: E-mail address: herb(@)zhanjo dot com; Office address:Qiaocheng District,Bozhou City,Anhui Province,China

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Anhui Zhanjo Natural Product Co.,ltd

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Zhanjo Natural Co.,Ltd., is a company that specializes in supplying high quality all-natural products to worldwide.  We have manufacturing facilities and production bases in China .  In addition, our strong research and development team with Ph.D. and Medical degrees is also make us more competitive. Variety of natural products we could supply including Botanical extracts, Herbal extracts,Essential oils,Dried herbs,Animal extracts,Teas,tea extracts and other Phytochemicals.  Contact us.

Zhanjo’s mission is to supply the best natural products and use advanced biotechology techniques to discover and develop new plant extracts and phyto ingredients to improve the overall health of both humans and animals. In order to guarantee the safety we are dedicated to supply evidence-based natural products for our esteemed customers. 

Zhanjo collaborates with international companies to develop and use the freshest natural materials.  We have built long-term business relationships with farmers and related companies to be able to assess the best raw materials and freshest plants, herbs, all kinds of extracts.  Innovation is part of our competitive strategy,insisting on technology innovation is one of our pricinples. We always adopt the most cost-effective way to deliver products to our customers in a timely way so as to save their cost and time.

You could contact us by sending emails to herb{@}zhanjo{dot}com



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Company Name: Anhui Zhanjo Natural Product Co.,ltd
City: bozhou
Province: anhui
Country: china
Address: E-mail address: herb(@)zhanjo dot com; Office address:Qiaocheng District,Bozhou City,Anhui Province,China