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Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd

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Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd China has been always engaged in souring and supplying the right products for our customers. With much experience on export business for instruments and industry products, we fully understand our clients needs. To meet and exceed customer expectations , Zero Instrument 100% try our best to make it right.

The our cooperation manufacturers have R&D and industry products development. Each product go with ISO standard and have the flexible manufacturing capabilities. We insist on giving the high quality, reliable products, reasonable price and industry solutions for our customers. Your visit China factory are warmly welcome and feel free to contact with us regarding anything. We’d like to help and wishing all well.

The brands we are dealing with, China, ABB, Siemens, Emerson, GE, E+H, Krohne, Yokogawa, Honeywell ,Invensys , Yamatake ,Bitobar, Alstom, etc.


Director: Michael Sun


The types of products provided by Zero Instrument are, Ultrasonic flow meter, Electromagnetic flow meter, Target flow meter, Mass flow meter, Variable area flow meter, Vortex flow meter, Turbine flow meter, Oval gear flow meter, Radar level meter, Ultrasonic level meter, Solid flow meters, Pressure and temperature transmitter , Valves(Gate valves, Butterfly valves, ball valves) and Oil analysis equipment, etc.

Your OEM service, brand marking and Model number are acceptable. Zero Instrument also have the experience of International Tenders, we two parts could work together, get the tenders and serve the end user.

Please give us your inquiry, we will provide the high standards quality, good delivering and highest level service. Let’s shake hands and work together.

Company Values and Corporate culture : Honesty, Fast, Openness, Trust, Respect, Gratefulness, Modesty, Courage and Responsibility.

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Company Name: Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd
Country: china