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Zibo LinziFangchen Master Bath Factory. It was registered and founded in 2003 and by far, products it develops and researches cover spinning tester, filtering quality tester, BCF three-color spinning tester, SMS non-woven fabric tester, melt-bow non-woven fabric tester bi-component spinning tester, BCF/FDY spinning tester, terylene POY-FDY spinning machine, spunbond tester , spinning and spunboard all-in-one machine, BCF/FDY spinning tester, terylene POY/FDY spinning machine, spunbond single screw extruder and vibrating screen, dirt catcher, pulverizer and so on. It offers scientific research devices to 20 domestic universities. In 2013, it passed EU CE certification. Its devices are exported to US, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Czekh, Indian, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

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Company Name: zbfangchen company
City: Zibo
Province: Shandong
Email: zbfangchen@sina.com
Business Phone: 0533-7082276 7084005
Fax: 0533-7084005
Country: China
Address: QIling Industry Park, Linzi District, Zibo, Shandong
Website: http://www.zbfangchen.cn/