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The Distinguished Zone Wish Pot

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The Distinguished Zone Wish Pot

Country/Region China
City & Province Shanghai
Categories Soup & Stock Pots

Product Details

Wish Pot

The teapot is made of Burma Jadeite, which has joints all over like a bamboo. There are copper cash (an ancient Chinese currency) and a couple of bats carved on the lid as well as the pot. The work draws its material from real life by applying the cultural implication of the bat.

The pronunciation of the bat in Chinese is the same as that of happiness so it is usually taken for a sign of happiness. The work is indicative of traditional Chinese customs and can bring you happiness and wealth.The features: clever use of the surface of the material, intriguing and vivid design, and fine workmanship.

Product Code: LY040006 Material: Jadeite Sizes (cm)(Length X Width X Height): pot 8X4.5X5.8
pedestal 8X5.5X2.5


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