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Ceramic multi-cyclone dust collector

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Ceramic multi-cyclone dust collector

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The ceramic multi-cyclone dust collector, and lines made of a ceramic material. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature, and the service life of up to 20 years to run a stable and reliable performance, easy to manage, simple to maintain, no running cost, small footprint for a wide range of boiler dust control, from 0.5 T ~ 100T can be selected in the precipitator.
, Equipment usage and features
1, applicable in various models and various combustion industrial boilers and thermal power station boiler dust control. Such as furnace, the reciprocating furnace, roaster and toss stoker furnace, pulverized coal, fluidized bed furnace.
For other industrial dust, also available in the precipitator governance, but also the precipitator cement and other practical value of the dust recycling.
3, the processing of large amount of wind, load adaptability, smooth and durable ceramic movement, does not produce the clogging. Small footprint, based on the user's premises, according to local conditions, and the flexibility to be installed, placed indoors, open air can be.
4, the ceramic multi-tube precipitator internal separator is a ceramic material of high temperature acid, sintered ceramic separator through a high temperature of 1300 ℃, overall crack free, smooth inner wall surface;
Multiple precipitator export lateral outlet, convenient flue connection can also be used at the top export, given direction Owner.
6 Multiple precipitator no brake parts, easy to manage and simple maintenance, without any increase in fees, higher collection efficiency;
7, the cabinet is made of carbon steel, illegal Lan interface used in all continuous welding, the overall air leakage rate of less than 3%;
8, the lower part of the dust box angle in accordance with the dust repose angle design angle is generally 55 ~ 65 °, to prevent the ash bucket fouling;
9, the air lock for the heavy hammer to put ash valve, manual ash unloading device. Excellent sealing performance electric air lock device can also be used;
10, import and export of a bolted flange and flue junction with asbestos rope seals.
Second, dust removal principle
Precipitator inlet of the dust are whirlwind class precipitator, precipitator movement - director, Cyclone, exhaust manifold with high-quality ceramic material, when the dusty gas enters through ceramic guide at Cyclone internal rotation under the action of centrifugal force, the separation of dust and gases, dust and landed in the dust collecting box, via air lock discharge dry dust may be used at the same time, wet ash. And can use the dust is recovered.
Equipment performance analysis
1, a one-time investment
The precipitators electrostatic precipitators, the total investment is less than water film precipitator without circulating water, no secondary pollution, wastewater discharge, no additional water treatment equipment.
2, saving maintenance funds
The the precipitator basic no maintenance.
3, long service life, device ontology warranty 8 years.
Fourth, the technical parameters
1, Dust collector efficiency:> 80%;
2, Device resistance: 700 ~ 900Pa;
3, Ringelmann blackness: 0 ~ 1 level;
(Ceramic cyclone sub-divided into the following types: single governing the handling of air volume: 1500m3 / h to 750m3 / h to 500m3 / h, can be selected according to the flue gas dust mesh of the corresponding type of ceramic Cyclone arranged combination precipitator)
Equipment installation considerations
Note that during installation the collision should gently.
Installation cabinet with gray bucket flange connection of the inlet and outlet flanges middle must use asbestos rope and bolted tight, absolutely prevent air leakage impact dust effects.
Put into normal operation, be sure to schedule a gray, usually no more than 4h / times to prevent dust collecting too much ash bucket.
By design using the unit should be based on the boiler flue gas flow, supporting the use of precipitators, my unit also be based on
Boiler precipitator layout of the site design.
Installed baked at 120 degrees Celsius (20 tons can be installed as soon as available) three days slowly precipitator
The inner construction masonry water discharge, and then put into normal operation.

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