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Yuyueauto company

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Item Name: 2.5Y30000 acetate tow 
Raw material: 100% natural wooden pulp
Specifications: 2.6Y33000
Oil content: 0.8-1.5%
Titanium Dioxide Content: 0.4±0.2%
Tow Fracture Strength7 N/Ktex: 
Residual acetone content: <0.006

Acetate tow is a natural product made from cellulose. It is environment friendly and biodegradable. We supply with the best quality tow produced to keep cigarette quality and aroma. Our tow passes through a strict quality control to assure the best quality standards. We can also meet your other specific requirements as well. Write to us for further information

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Company Name: Yuyueauto company
Country: China
Website: http://www.yuyueauto.com/