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Yutong Used Construction Machinery Company

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Address: neihuang Anyang Henan 456300 China

Phone: 86-1369372-9383

Yutong Used Construction Machinery Company

About Us

We are China used construction machinery company, located in Henan Province of China (YUTONG used Construction Machinery Company)
Our large scale, strong financial background, marketing scope of the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America and so on countries around the world .........
TADANO crane model
TADANO TG250E/25 ton truck crane
TADANO TG300E/30 ton truck crane
TADANO TG350E/35 ton truck crane
TADANO TG400E/40 ton truck crane
TADANO TG450E/45 ton truck crane
TADANO TG500E/50 ton truck crane
TADANO TG550E/55 ton truck crane
TADANO GT550E/55 ton truck crane
TADANO GT650E/65 ton truck crane
TADANO TG600E/60 ton truck crane
TADANO TG650E/65 ton truck crane
TADANO TG700E/70 ton truck crane
TADANO TG800E/80 ton truck crane
TADANO TG1000E/100 ton truck crane
TADANO TG1200E/120 ton truck crane
TADANO TG1200M/120 ton truck crane
TADANO TG1600M/160 ton truck crane
TADANO AR2000M/200 ton all terrain crane
KATO crane model
KATO NK450E / 45 ton truck crane
KATO NK500E-v/50 ton truck crane
KATO NK550VR/55 ton truck crane
KATO NK800/80 ton truck crane
KATO NK1200/120 ton truck crane
KATO NK1600/160 ton truck crane
KATO NK1600-V/160 ton truck crane
SUMITOMO SA1200 120 ton truck crane
LIEBHERR LTM1225/225 ton all terrain crane
LIEBHERR LR1280/280 ton, crawler crane
DEMAG AC500/500 ton all terrain crane
DEMAG CC2500/450 ton crawler crane
Our business philosophy (quality first, reputation first) All cranes in good condition for sale, with quality assurance
Sincerely look forward to trading companies and construction companies to discuss, you are welcome to provide an intermediary, we will give generous commission rebate
Yutong used Construction Machinery Company
Address: Anyang city in Henan province China
MSN: yfcrane(at)msn.com
yahoo: yjfgxj(at)yahoo.cn
skype: yfcrane
Contact: Yuan Fang
my mobile:008615937218353

Hot Products

TADANO TL300E TRUCK CRANE Origin: Japan Capacity: 30 tons, 3 m radius chassis: Mitsubishi K303LA, ...
KATO NK1200 TRUCK CRANE Origin: Japan Capacity: 120 tons, a radius of 3.35 meters chassis: KATO 6150...
DEMAG CC2500 all hydraulic crawler crane Origin: Germany age:2005 year Maximum lifting capacity / ...
TADANO AR2000M ALL TERRAIN CRANE Origin: Japanese Capacity: 200 tons, 3 meters radius CARRIER MODEL: ...
Liebherr LR1280 280 tons crawler crane Origin: Germany AGE: 2000 Maximum lifting capacity: 280 t at ...
TADANO TG1600M TRUCK CRANE Origin: Japanese Capacity: 160 tons, 3.3 meters radius CARRIER MODEL: ...

Company info

Company Name: Yutong Used Construction Machinery Company
City: hubei
Province: henan
Country: china
Address: neihuang Anyang Henan 456300 China
Zip: 456300