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Qingdao HMD Technology And Development Co., Ltd. is the worldwide distributor of GlucoLeader blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for home and hospital use.

Qingdao HMD Technology And Development Co., Ltd. manufacturing bases are settled in Taiwan and Canada, and the main marketing procedure is operated in Beijing, China. We are the first company to get approved by CE-IVDD and FDA, and we have participated in many exhibitions such as International Medical Exhibition: German Track Du Fu "MEDICA 2003", which brought us great achievement and made us very popular among American and European manufacturers.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes by providing enhanced products that enable quick, easy and accurate means to monitor blood glucose levels.

We are committed to the development of diabetes monitoring systems - related products, providing a full range of diabetes monitoring products to meet all customers' needs and expectations through our innovative products to enable more effective management of diabetes about blood glucose values.

Our company mainly focuses on the blood glucose meters and blood glucose test strips as the first step to enter into industrial production. We not only promote our own brand "Glucoleader", but also warmly welcome the opportunity for other OEM manufacturers, cooperating with other vendors by OEM/ODM to achieve a win-win situation.

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