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Whaleflo FL-35 DC12V Miniature Low Pressure Electric Diaphragm Water Pump 2M lift

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Whaleflo FL-35 DC12V Miniature Low Pressure Electric Diaphragm Water Pump 2M lift

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Whaleflo FL-35 DC12V Miniature Low Pressure Electric Diaphragm Water Pump 2M lift



    This bait tank pump is designed to self-priming up to 6 feet suction lift and fill your tank in 812 minutes.This allows 5 to 6 water changes per hour. If pump fills tank in less than 8 minuted divert excess water by installing a T or Y valve.Ruduce turbulence by adding additional inlet at water line or drill out multiple stand pipe hples so water does not spurt out of holes.Your lively bait need calm, fresh water.

    This pump is quiet running. It is recommend you ultilize off when not in use. The "Qual LL" is able to run dry.(no liquid) for extended periods with no damage to the pump. However, this could cause needless battery drain.

    For general purpose or diesel transfer,plug in your choice of ports and lock in with slide clips.Attach hoses and wiring.

    For portable use we recommend the pump be attach to a base.(ie.3/4"*8"*10" board or plywood),add a toogle switch, a length of two conductor cable with alligator clips for battery connection.



    Perfect for caravans, boats, motorbikes, trucks and camping. Use it with fresh or salt water with your deck wash

    or to run your toilet or shower. These pumps automatically turn themselves on and off when you turn the tap on and off.

    Comes with filter and fittings. hese pump are for intermittent use only.

    A great pump for those country folk, with a small family, on tank water who only need to boost the pressure from a tank

    next to the house.

    We have tested these pumps and found they will operate to a 2 metre suction lift and 5 metre head with no problems.

    Light weight and made from corrosion resistant materials which are suitable for fresh water, sea water, salt water,

    bilge water, beverage and chemical transfer.

    Build in Pressure Switch (monitors system pressure and flow and turns pump on and off automatically.

    When taps are either opened or closed, it adjusts the flow rate and pressure, keeping these constant.)


  • Motor: Permanent Magnet, Ball Bearings on both Front and Rear Endbells. CE Models are fully suppressed.
  • Pump: Fiyr chamber positive displacement diaphragm design; Self-priming up to 6 ft .suction lift;
  • Pump able to run dry without damage; Removable port to hose connectors.

  • Agriculture/Yacht / RV/Caravan pressurized water system
  • Sprayer fixture (Vehicle-mounted sprayer, electric sprayer)
  • Cleaning machine, Humidifier, Water purification, Medical apparatus
  • Food beverage filling & liquid transfer
  • Any other pressurization system
  • application.png



  • Small size,Light weight and Stable performance.
  • Special valve for liquid input and output.
  • Antivibration pad,easy installation.
  • Self-priming,Automatic Pressure Switch.
  • Automatic Pressure Protection.
  • Low Noise,with excellent resistant to chemical corrosion.
  • 12months warranty.
  • Automaticly turns on and off.
  • Comes with filters and fittings.

  • High flow rate and low presurre requirements.
  • Automatic electric water pump,working rate 1.8-2.5meters,max flow rate more than 5 meters.
  • Water purification,filter machine,chemical metering and fluid supply.
  • Food,Beverage filling and transfer.
  • Controled by pressure switch.




    Failure to Prime-Motor operates, but no pump discharge

  • Restricted intake or discharge line
  • Air leak in intake line
  • Debris in pump
  • Punctured pump diaphragm(pump leaks)
  • Crack in pump housing
  • Motor fails to turn on

  • Blown fuse
  • Pum circuit has no power
  • Loose wiring connection
  • Defective motor
  • Low Flow and Pressure

  • Air leak at pump intake
  • Acuummulation of debris inside pump and plumbing
  • Wom pump bearing(excessive noise)
  • Punctured pump diaphragm(punop leaks)
  • Defective motor
  • Pulsating Flow

  • Restrocted pump delivery.Check discharge lines,fittings and valves for clogging or undersiszing.
  • FL series accesories.png

    technical data.png


    Model VoltageFlow RatePressureAmps
    FL-30 12V DC2.6GPM(10.0LPM)17PSI(1.17 Bar)2.2A
    FL-31 24V DC2.6GPM(10.0LPM)17PSI(1.17 Bar)1.5A
    FL-35 12V DC3.3GPM(12.5LPM)35PSI(2.41 Bar)7.0A
    FL-34 24V DC3.3GPM(12.5LPM)35PSI(2.41 Bar)4.0A
    FL-40 12V DC4.47GPM(17.0LPM)40PSI(2.76Bar)9.2A
    FL-44 24V DC4.47GPM(17.0LPM)40PSI(2.76 Bar)5.6A
    FL-33 115V AC3.3GPM(12.5LPM)35PSI(2.41Bar)0.5A
    FL-32 220V AC3.3GPM(12.5LPM)35PSI(2.41Bar)0.4A
    FL-41 115V AC4.47GPM(17.0LPM)40PSI(2.76 Bar)0.5A
    FL-43 220V AC4.47GPM(17.0LPM)40PSI(2.76 Bar)0.8A
    Inlet Size 1/2" hose barb with filter
    Outlet Size 1/2" hose barb;3/4"NPT thead
    Dimension/pc FL-3 SERIES 33.5*12.5*10.5cm
    Net Weight/pc FL-3 SERIES 1.9kg
    Gross Weight/pc FL-3 SERIES 2.4kg
    Carton Dimension(10pcs) FL-3 SERIES 56.5*38.5*36.5cm

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