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Water treatment chemicals Treatment of cooling water

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Water treatment chemicals Treatment of cooling water

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Treatment of cooling water

Industrial cooling water system is mainly composed of circulating cooling water system and DC cooling water system, circulating cooling system which is the most commonly used.

Industrial circulating cooling water systems generally use a hairdryer type natural draft cooling tower or mechanical ventilation cooling tower, heat exchanger and carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy of different materials in the circulating water system, circulating system of large quantity, high heat load.

In the running process of circulating water, because the water soluble calcium and magnesium in plasma, and the oxygen gas, can cause the circulation line occurs scaling and corrosion, so that the heat exchange efficiency of the whole pipeline decline and even lead to pipeline leakage, resulting in potential safety problems.

Therefore, to protect the pipeline corrosion scale inhibition and ease, ensure the equipment of heat exchange efficiency become the target of the circulating cooling water treatment system.

Through the development of a series of agents with scale and corrosion inhibitor, sterilizing cleaning, phosphorus phosphorus free functions, we have a comprehensive grasp of phosphorous and non phosphorus formula, and has been further developed, especially suitable for high concentration multiple operation.

At the same time, we have a variety of complex non oxidizing bactericide and killing synergist, slime stripping agent, can cooperate with oxidizing bactericide in microbial control to achieve the best treatment effect. The combined use of our most advanced automatic dosing, monitoring and control system, can achieve the best effect.

DC cooling is a cooling method sea power plant or water rich area of condenser used. Patent technology - shellfish biocide we, can replace the oxidizing bactericide, so as to avoid poisoning caused by fungicide leakage, and can successfully control the common software animal growth, but also is a kind of environmental protection and efficient bactericide.

Product series

Scale inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor DispersantETCW 230
ETCW 235
Phosphorus and phosphorus free treatment scheme. Environmentally friendly biodegradable products. Effective control of fouling and deposition of suspended matter Improve sterilization treatment effect The use of mine water, sea water, reuse of wastewater as a special supplement water treatment scheme
Special corrosion inhibitorETCW 240The patent of the organic and inorganic compound chemicals A wide range of pH applications Alkaline treatment scheme for strong acid water Comprehensive treatment scheme of closed cooling water system Special corrosion inhibitor of copper and aluminum
BactericideETCW 320Special bactericide for Legionella control Oxidation control of bacteria, fungi and algae and non oxidizing bactericide Special bactericide quickly kill microbes, and can rapidly decompose, medical sterilization agent
Cleaning agent Prefilming abentETCW 720
ETCW 750
Widely used in carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized pipe, cleaning agent, steel and aluminum oxide removal, sediment, oil dirt, mud etc. Rapid activation on metal surface adsorption into compact protective film
Molluscicide (shellfish biocide)ET

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