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Product Details

Product Delivery
Generally, products will be delivered by vehicles. Customers should be responible for unloading.

Products are not allowed to be hung with wirerope directly when moving and transporting in the construction site.

Products should be safekeeped with the whole package. Do not put the products on the ground directly when waiting for construction, putting cloth under and waterproof sheet above instead, stored period better not more than seven days.

Operation Methods
Invisible scratches or damages shall be occurred if the products are dragged on the ground or other objects being dragged on the products, these scratches or damages shall influence the appearance and durability of products, which shall be paid great attention to.

Paint Film Repairing
If there are any scratches on the paint film, please use special painting coating to repair. However, it may not be repaired as the same as before if stare at carefully. We suggest to repaire exposed cutting face specially in some coastal areas that prone to corrosion easily.

The powders occurred during cutting or drilling shall result in rust, be sure to clean up.

Installation Materials and Pieces
Please use dedicated materials and pieces which assigned by our company, otherwise we shall not take responsible for any consequences of installation.

Please pay attention not to make a false step or to fall when working in high altitude operation. Strictly observes labor safety and relevant rules to guarantee safety thoroughly. If stepping on the panel is inevitable, please wear soft-sole shoes when installing roof panel.

  1. Safety Equipment
    wear specified working clothes and use safety device(helmet, safety rope, etc. )
  2. Safety Rules
    The workplace regulations are informed in daily regular meeting, to strengthen health management and work safety.
  3. Construction Plan
    Before construction, make sure have a full consultation with construction department, especially keep close touch with about the working condition during the construction.
  4. High Altitude Operation Security Meature
    Set the pedal(pedal board), and anti-skid device to ensure roof and materials stacking safely, and the protective screening has been installed.
  5. Safety Operation and Falling Preventing
    When operates the power tools or some general tools, pay attention to the security to prevent leakage or electric shock or any of these tools fall off.
  6. Anti-Disaster Measure
    Strictly implement the rectification work in the site to ensure safety of hooking work clear mark signs thus to prevent disaster occurs.
  7. Weather Condition
    Knowing weather condition such as rain, snow or heavy wind in advance to adopt relevent protecting measures.

Sealing Material
Please select the suitable type of coating sheet sealing material factory. Generally, modified silicone grease products are recommended. Please contact the suppliers and tell the resin name of steel sheets if some might need prime coating, our company will give some suggestions.

Clean powder and nails
The remaining powder or nails could result in rust onpainting of steel panels, which may accelerate the corrosion velocity. Thus, the powder and nails must be cleaned immediately.

Chemical and electrical corrosion
When constructionbe careful not to touch the alkaline solution from concrete, the wet wood, copper, lead, or other different metals.

Positions can't be rained
Some positions can’t be rained such as under the eaves or back of the cornices are easily attached with sea salts particles or corrosion over time, then the compound will speed up the corrosion rate, but rinsed regually could prevent aging.

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