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Address: Renmin Road,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China

Contact name:Jack Lee

Yestar Tech Group Limited

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Yestar Tech Group Limited is specialized in "Technology creates the perfect product, product improves the quality of life". We started our business more than 20 years. At present, we concentrate on developping various kinds of functional and intelligent and industrial textiles for customers.

We mainly supply these products:
a) Carbon inside series staple fiber(TOPS), filament(s), composite yarn. Mainly used for ESD thread, fabrics/gloves, mesh lattice apron, etc., where static electricity exists in.

b) Silver/copper plated series staple fiber, filament(s), composite yarn. Mainly used for anti bacteria/ESD fabrics, ESD rope, shielding electromagnetic wave, carry low current for signals, etc.

c) Stainless steel(Fe-Cr-Al alloy) series staple fiber(TOPS), filaments(TOW), fine wire, twist thread, blended spun yarn. Mainly used for ESD fabrics/rope, shielding electromagnetic wave, signals transmitting line, etc.

d) Functional yarn: Tinsel wire, quick-dry, Fire resistant, Anti bacterial, PVA, Low melting point, Tourmaline, Far-infrared/Uvioresistant, etc.

"Quality first,credit highest" is our business principles . "Continuous innovation , creating suprised products" is our responsibility. Using technology to creat the new product, and using the product to improve the quality of life . All mankind will benefit from technological innovation. Let's work hard together !

Our business has earned a large and stable customer base owing to the reliable product quality and good credit .Looking forward to cooperating with you , mutual benefit and win-win !

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Company Name: Yestar Tech Group Limited
City: wuxi
Province: jiangsu
Country: china
Address: Renmin Road,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China