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Pressure PN25 PPR Aluminum Pipe , Heat Preservation Polypropylene Plastic Pipe

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Pressure PN25 PPR Aluminum Pipe , Heat Preservation Polypropylene Plastic Pipe

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Product Details

PPR-AL-PPR pipe is composite pipe of five layers, inside and outside layers of which are made of PP-R, tightly bonded with melt adhesive to the mid-layer of aluminum core which is longitudinally welded in a butt-welded or overlap-welded way, PPR-AL-PPR pipe is the perfect union of metal and the plastic ones.






PPR-AL-PPR plastic composite pipe ( -40℃~95℃)PN20 203.0




PP-R-AL-PP-R plastic composite pipe Feature


1. Compared with the metal pipe, the composite pipe has the same strength, easy to bend, reluctant to retain former shape.


2. Super properties of high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance, the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius, the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Degrees Celsius.


3. Beautiful Appearance and Higher Flow Capacity: Smooth inner and outer surfaces, less flowing resistance, soft color and beautiful figure. Smooth inner surface of the pipe reduces resistance to the fluids. The ability to conduct water is 30% more efficient.


4. Good property of heat preservation, heat conduction coefficient is 0.45W/m.k, which is much less than metal pipes and it can save insulation materials outside the pipe.


5. Easy to cut and install. It can be connected with special fittings instead of screw fittings; small diameter pipes can be rolled and packaged. Once received the pipes (bent radius >5d) can be cut to desired length and simply bent in order than many directional parts such as elbows or angles ate no longer recessing very convenient to install, much time and labor cost can be saved; Using heat melting joint without sleeve wire, and taking few seconds for connecting and adopting good quality copper inserts to connect the metal pipe and basin.


6. Long Using Life: ppr AL plastic composite pipe for water supply for pipe fitting can be used for over 50 years under normal condition.


7. Recyclable and environmental friendly, sanitization and Non-poison: This product is green building material which is able to use for pure clean drinking water pipe system. No heavy metal additives would not be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium. Corrosion-Proof & Non-Fouling: Resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion. Able to avoid the pipe’s fouling or blocking as well as the blemish, rust on basin and bath.





  • For Hot & Cold water installations in Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools.
  • Rain Water Harvesting.
  • For Agriculture and Horticulture use.
  • Compressed Air Plants.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Transportation of Corrosive Fluids such as acids.





Q:What products you are specialize in producing?

A: We are a manufacturer specializing in producing PP-R, HDPE pipes and fittings and valves since 1998..


Q: what is the standard you are performed?

A: we are a leading supplier for water and heating system certified by EN ISO 9001:2008, and our products performed German standard DIN8077/8078.


Q: Can you produce any colors? How is the ODM and OEM?.

A: We can produce any colors that you need, ODM and OEM both are available for us.


Q: The price of your products is higher than others.

A: We can't promise you the best price, but we can promise you the best quality. We import row material from famous companies such as LG Chemical, Iydellbasell, Chervrom, Sinopec.


Q: What is the mainly products for pipe fittings?

A: It is contains PPR pipe, fiberglass pipes, ppr-al-ppr plastic pipes ,PPR coupling, elbows, tee, reduced tee, valve , ball valve, radiator valve ,filter valve, cross, plug, socket, flange ,pipe clamp, adapter union, bypass bend, cap. tools, accessories and the others.


Q: Where is your factory located in?

A: Our factory located in Yuyao City, which is only 1 hours away from Ningbo seaport and 2 hours Shanghai seaport.


Q: Can you provide us some samples for testing?

A: Of course, we are glad to offer free samples just only need you bear the freight .


Q: How is our customer service?
A: all our sales representatives can speak fluent English. all your concerns will be received our careful attention and prompt reply.

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