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Exciting Movement 6 Degree Of Freedom Capsule Design 9D VR Cinema Exciting Movement

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Exciting Movement 6 Degree Of Freedom Capsule Design 9D VR Cinema Exciting Movement

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong
Categories MP4 Players

Product Details

Exciting Movement 6 Degree Of Freedom Capsule Design Vr Cinema Exciting Movement






"VR Family", it has many special effects, such as rain, air jet, wind, vibration, leg sweep, front and back tilt, left and right tilt, back push, ect. It brings both exciting and scaring to customers, which will make them unforgetable. Besdies with the interative gun shooting function allows customers to shoot the monsters in the movies. 9D VR is unique successful commercial VR product, views just need to wear VR glasses and feel immersive into the world inside. Breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewer amazing experience. 



VR Family Basic Datas


VoltageAC 220W
Power9.5 KW
Weight883 kgs
Bearing load1200kgs
Number of player1- 6 players
SizeL3.0*W3.0*H1.90 m
Colour White & Black
Immersion VR headsetD2 2K Screen/ 1440*2560
Delivery time12 days





There are a wide variety of applications for virtual reality which include:

  • Shopping mall
  • Game center
  • Amusement Park
  • Mesuem
  • Entertainment Park
  • Business Shopping Street
  • Game Center
  • Water Park
  • Hotel Building
  • Youth club 


The advantages of VR Family

  • High profit
  • No need rooms to place the machine
  • Solve player throughout capacity
  • Suitable for kids (more than 3 years old) and adults 
  • Enjoy fun with friends and family together
  • Cool shape and attractive design
  • Multi-effects and special motion feelings
  • With interactive gun shooting games
  • 6 DOF excited motions
  • Exclusive movies & New experience


Features of virtual reality systems


There are many different types of virtual reality systems but they all share the same characteristics such as the ability to allow the person to view three-dimensional images.With the specail effects,people can feel the real motion. These images appear life-sized to the person. Plus they change as the person moves around their environment which corresponds with the change in their field of vision. The aim is for a seamless join between the person’s head and eye movements and the appropriate response, e.g. change in perception. This ensures that the virtual environment is both realistic and enjoyable.


Before VR-CHAIR turned out,the virtual reality experience device is about to break out of the 〝golden〞 volcano! Virtual reality is the creation of a virtual environment presented to our senses in such a way that we feel real in the cinema. It uses a lot of technologies to achieve this goal and is a technically complex feat that has to account for our perception and cognition. It has both entertainment and serious uses. We can expect to see many more innovative uses for the technology in the future and perhaps a fundamental way in which we communicate and work thanks to the possibilities of virtual reality.





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