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Sound & Flashlight Solar Bird Repeller

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Sound & Flashlight Solar Bird Repeller

Country/Region China
Categories Lawn Lamps

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Sound & Flashlight Solar Bird Repeller
PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion activated Solar Animal Repeller provides gunshot, eagle
sound, dog bark sound , to repel unwelcome Animals, Bats and Birds from your garbage bins,
fruit trees, lawn, garden, flower beds and fish ponds. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.
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Protects your garden or Yard From unwanted animals.
1,Speaker:Emits a high sonic frequency to repel pest and animal,simulate the gunshots,

2,PIR Motion Detector:Generates a signal to control the output circuit when the passive infra red motion sensor detects pests or animals moving in the detecting area,then the reset again for another emission.
The sensor(light dependent resistor) changes the DAY and LIGHT mode automatically,it will be only gunshots in the day,and at night,it can
be LIHGT ONLY or LIGHT+GUNSHOTS,the consumer can change it by the toggle switch easily

1. Unit dimension: 8.5CM x 12.7CM x 45CM
2. Unit Weight: 0.38kg
3. Power Supply 4xAA rechargeable batteries
4. Power Consumption: Standby current: 0.2 mA
Working current: 210 mA
5. Coverage: 8-10 meters, 110°

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