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SJ-65 Super Clear PETG Pipe Making Machine

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SJ-65 Super Clear PETG Pipe Making Machine

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Model: HSJ-65
Process Material: PETG Granules
Application: Food Grade PETG Pipe Production
Dimension: L 18500mm * W 2000mm * H 2360mm


           HSJ-65 Super Clear PETG PIPE MAKING MACHINE



PETG plastic is a kind of transparent plastic in brief. It is an amorphous copolyester. PETG commonly used comonomer is 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol (CHDM), which is called polyethylene terephthalate. Alcohol ester-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol ester.


PETG is a non-crystalline copolyester. In its production process, due to the replacement of a certain amount of ethylene glycol by 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol (CHDM), crystallization can be prevented, thereby improving processing and transparency. Its products are highly transparent and have excellent impact resistance. They are particularly suitable for forming thick-walled transparent products. They have excellent processing and forming properties. They can be designed in any shape according to the designer's intention. They may use traditional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and suction. Plastic and other molding methods can be widely used in the market of plates, sheets, high-performance shrink films, bottles, and profiled materials. At the same time, its secondary processing performance is excellent and can be modified by conventional machining.



HSJ-65 PETG Pipe Making Machine is mainly compsed by Extruder, Pipe Mould, Cooling Water Tank, Traction Machine, Pipe Cutter.If printing is necessary, you can install Printing Machine very convenient. For better use of the waste pipe, and material, we provide PETG Pipe dedicated Crushing Machine.


PCTG products are mainly used in Europe, but they are also increasingly used in North America and Asia. The reason is that it has a wide processing range, high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility, is more transparent than PVC, good gloss, easy to print and has environmental advantages


HSJ-65 PETG Super Clear Pipe Making Machine

1. HSJ-65 mm Single Screw Extruder

2. HSP-63 Pipe Mould

3. HSLM-2000 Quick Shaping Water Tank(Recycled Water)

4. HSI-20W Ink Jet Printing Machine

5. HTG-63 Flatten Belt Pipe Traction Machine

6. HSA Pipe Automatic Cutting Machine

7. SWP-360 Plastic Crushing Machine


This will include machine list from A to Z production line.

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