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Address: No.127,Puting Road,Yexie town,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China

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Shanghai packaging machinery Co.,Ltd

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Shanghai packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd,is a packaging machine manufacturer,which located in Shanghai Songjiang District.We focus on development,manufacturing,sales and service for the automatic packaging production line.Our machines suitable for the powder,candy,puffed,biscuits,nuts,liquids,pastes and quick-frozen products,agricultural products,chemical products packaging.

We have a technical team which has more than 10 years experience in packaging machine field.With the persistent pursuit for the packaging machinery career,oriented by market demand.Depend on the rich expertise and practical experience,draw lessons from Europe,The United States and Japan advanced packaging machinery manufacturing experience,continuous innovation,design and manufacture a high-quality high-performance packaging system,coupled with professional,efficient pre-and after-sales service,the Jinchi machinery won good reputiation at home and abroad.

We will always provide the good quality products,superior service to the new and old customers.

We sincerely welcome all enterprises at home and abroad,hold hands together to create the brilliancy.

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According to u requirment to product,welcome to contact me to get more details

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Company Name: Shanghai packaging machinery Co.,Ltd
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: No.127,Puting Road,Yexie town,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China