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Furniture Lumber Wood Treatment Plant Impregnation Autoclave Industrial

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Furniture Lumber Wood Treatment Plant Impregnation Autoclave Industrial

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Product Details

Lumber Timber Wood Treatment Plant CCA ACQ Tanalith Impregnation High Configuration


Ⅰ Product description


wood treatment plant is that preventing wood material from Worms, bacteria and other organisms destroy. Such as termite.It is one of wood technology .Adopt differnt chemical preservative to make wood protector,prolong wood using life time and reduce wood consumption.It widely use in protection treatment of pole material ,lumber material ,plate material .


This wood treatment plant has a wide range of use, large treat capacity, safety and reliability, and can meet the deep processing requirements of users for various types of wood. Have been sold to the Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Sweden and so on.


Ⅱ Main Model


ModelTotal capacity (m3)Treat capacity(m3)
DN 1200*6000mm6.74.5
DN 1200*8000mm9.06.0
DN 1500*4000mm7.04.71
DN 1500*6000mm10.57.0
DN 1500*8000mm149.4
DN 1800*4000mm10.16.78
DN 1800*6000mm15.210.17
DN 1800*8000mm20.313.5
DN 2000*6000mm18.812.5
DN 2000*8000mm2516.7
DN 2000*10000mm31.420
DN 2000*18000mm5637


Note: The diameter and length can be customized according to users' needs. If the above model is not suitable, please tell us the diameter and length you need. We can customize it for you.



Ⅲ Technical parameters


ProjectUnitTechnical data
Design pressureMPa1.58Mpa
Working pressureMPA1.0-1.4Mpa
Vacuum degree(relative)MPa-0.098MPa
Power source 380v 3 phase 50hz
Material Q345R
Open door ways Manual open door ways
Seam method Silica gel seam
Safety ways Double safety device for door and three safety device for cylinder
Alarm ways Automatic light alarm ,over pressure and finish work


Ⅳ Technology Process


1. Inicial vacuum:suck air out of tank and wood with vacuum pump and keep the vacuum status 15minute to 1 hour according to treatment aims. Vacuum status is good for agent liquid goes into wood.The vacuum degree can be 0.098MPa.

2 .Chemicals liquid adding: under condition of vacuum pump agent liquid into tank.

3 .Pressurizing:When tank is full of agent liquid, pressurize tank with pressure pump.The pressure inside tank will rise slowly to rated pressure.Then keep the tank under rated pressure until wood have absorbed enough agent liquid.

4. Pressure discharging:When wood have absorbed enough agent liquid,discharge inside pressure and agent liquid that have not been absorbed.

5. final vacuum:when the rest agent liquid has been discharged,suck air out of tank and wood with vacuum pump again to make redundant agent liquid exude from wood cells or surface to avoid liquid drops.


Ⅴ Our advantages



1. The material of the plant is Q345R steel, is the special steel plate for pressure vessel, we purchase from famous Jinan steel factory.


2. Open door way and safety device

Manual open door way, advanced open door method, only one young girl can open the door easily. Double safety device, automatic safety interlocking device and Manual safety interlocking device, it solved the safety problem of wrong operation.


3. The sealing way

With the gas-filled silica gel seal ring, the air filled style sealing effect of the equipment is significantly better than others’. And the life of the equipment is more than one year.


4. Welding method

Automatic submerged arc welding, it has advantages of high productivity, good weld quality and low labor intensity. And it also hasn’t arc radiation.

Our company has own special flaw detection to ensure the quality of products.


5. Test

Each plant must be doing water pressure test before leave factory, and government inspection personnel come our factory every week, and testing each plant.


6. Level control:

With magnetic level gauge, when the tank preservative added to the specified location, close the valve to stop preservatives enter.


      7. Vacuum control:

Automatic control vacuum, when you press the button, start extract vacuum. When reach the vacuum point, the vacuum pump stop automatically, save energy and reduce cost.




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