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Eco-friendly paper pencil production waste paper pencil making machine factory China

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Eco-friendly paper pencil production waste paper pencil making machine factory China

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Our eco-friendly paper pencil production line is used to make pencil from waste paper, it is good to our environment and save energy.So, we say that our paper pencil production line is eco-friendly.

The whole production line is composed of Pole Rolling Machine,Top cutting machine,Coarse grinding machine,Horizontal Polishing Machine,Double-belt Lacquer Machine,Cutting Polishing Machine,Printing machine,Tip Polishing Machine,Single Rubber Tip Machine,Pencil Inserting Machine.

eco-friendly paper pencil production line

In the passpage, I will show you the woke process of the paper pencil production line:

The gearbox output active force by motor drive, then the chain wheel(on the gearbox) drive the roller(on the annular belt ) rotate by chain, , the annular glue belt and the weldwood frict and make the pencil lead rotate, thus make the paper(has brushed glue) rotated in the pencil lead Continuously. And the pencil is formed after the paper(glue-brushed) finished rotating totally. The molding pencil keep moving, and then completes degumming and further solid-rolling when it go through the washboard and then fall into the pencil collecting bucket. There is a valve( in the side of the plastic bucket) can adjust the amount of glue, excess glue will fall into the glue-collecting plate then fall into the glue collecting bucket for use again.


Now you know the whole production line has many machines and the work process, you may want to know the specifications of each machine, please don't worry, feel free to contact us, we will provide the most details to you, and or you continue to read the next passage, in the next passage, I will show you the main technical parameter of each machine.


eco-friendly waste paper paper pencil making machine

Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,LTD founded in year of 2010 .We mainly engaged in design and sales All Kinds Of Agriculture Machines and agriculture produce product line.we located in zhengzhou city ,the capital of Henan Province in china .

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Our company has many years export experience of in machinery .We have outstanding quality control personnel as well as well trained technical workers . By constant technical exchange with well well known firms of the same line and also by introduction of advanced management into our company ,we have established a strong quality guarantee system .

Our company always insist on quality first, customer supreme spirit, to maintain the company's reputation, perform maintenance work in accordance with the requirements for the buyer the contract system, to ensure that the project and product after-sales exert its application efficiency. Our company guarantee in accordance with the company's quality management policy, implement the introspection and the supervision, delivered to the user a high grade, perfect, good system engineering. Our company promises to provide high quality and reliability of the product, meet the requirements of design, and system scalability and consider the future has reserved accordingly.


If you have great interest in our paper pencil production line, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.

Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.





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