Quality Cost of wooden pencil production line wooden pencil making mahine sale in factory price for sale from product (108031932) of reliable China Cost of wooden pencil production line wooden pencil making mahine sale in factory price supplier

Cost of wooden pencil production line wooden pencil making mahine sale in factory price

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Cost of wooden pencil production line wooden pencil making mahine sale in factory price

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Our wooden pencil production line sells in factory price are welcomed by lots of customers, because there are large demands of pencil, in order to make pencil, they find the pencil making machine, as a supplier of wooden pencil production line, our machine tops the list in the wooden pencil production line, so attracts customers come to buy.


The advantage of our wooden pencil production line;

1.Easy to operation.

2.Wll-designed,advanced technology.

3.Large capacity.

4.Best service.

5.Reasonable price.

wooden pencil production line cost

The wooden pencil production line including 16 machines, thses machine has the high degree of automation.

The following specifications of our wooden pencil production line will help you know better.

1, Side Sawing Machine 

Capacity: 210pcs/minute

Power: 3.3KW

Weight: 350KG


2, Groove Planning Machine 

Capacity: 80 pcs/minute

Power: 5.5 KW

Weight: 920 KG

Dimension: 1540*800*1200mm

3, Core Glue Machine 

Capacity:40 pcs/minute

Power:1.1 KW

Weight:600 KG


4, Board Binding Machine 

Fixture quantity 80

Power 2.2 KW

Weight 4500 KG

Dimension 4675*1600*2600mm

5, Pole Machine 

Capacity 42pcs/minute

Power 6.2 KW

Weight 1750 KG

Dimension 1660*1275*1535mm

6, Horizontal Polishing Machine



Capacity 350pcs/minute

Power 1.87 KW

Weight 900 KG

Dimension 2000*700*1800mm

7, Double-belt Lacquer Machine 

Capacity 640pcs/minute

Power 1.85 KW

Weight 1600 KG

Dimension 1235*1700*1380mm

8, Printing Machine



Capacity 200pcs/minute

Power 2.625 KW

Weight 600 KG

Dimension 1350*685*1405mm

9,Double Side Acknowledging Printing Machine 

Capacity 80pcs/minute

Power 2.1 KW

Weight 400 KG

Dimension 1625*830*1340mm

10, Cutting Polishing Machine 

Capacity 432pcs/minute

Power 1.1 KW

Weight 850 KG

Dimension 1085*1200*1340mm

11, Tip Polishing Machine 

Capacity 250pcs/minute

Power 1.675 KW

Weight 600 KG

Dimension 1160*910*1330 mm

12, Saw Cutting Machine 

Capacity 436pcs/minute

Power 0.74 KW

Weight 300 KG

Dimension 1180*650*1400 mm

13, Single Rubber Tip Machine 

Capacity 60pcs/minute

Power 1.1 KW

Weight 900 KG

Dimension 1958*854*1538 mm

14, Double Pieces Lacquer Machine 

Capacity 140pcs/minute

Power 0.75KW

Weight 900 KG

Dimension 1244*1380*1250 mm

15, Insert Pencil Machine 

Capacity 0-8pcs/minute

Power 1.1 KW

Weight 250 KG

Dimension 970*490*1120 mm

16, Tip Immersing Machine



Capacity 4 pcs/minute

Power 0.75 KW

Weight 300 KG

Dimension 1800*690*1320 mm

wooden pencil making machine sale factory price

If you have any other questions, please contact us, we will provide the most professional advice for you, and the following FAQ, you can read as reference:

1.Q:Do you have stock?

A:yes,we have, if you have other detail requirement, we can customized for you.

2.Q:What about the delivery time?

A:We often do not have machines in stock.You know it is a product line and we often produce the machines according to different requirements.So you can confirm to us the time you will place order,then we will calculate the shipping time for you

3,What about Payment term?

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Cash ect, mainly in your convenience

4,What’s your MOQ

1 set

5, How can i contact with you ?

You can send inquiry to me .

Aslo can contact with me by Cellphone/Wechat / Whatsapp /Viber:0086-18539931566

Skype :tina@machinehall.com,QQ : 1528805942

wooden pencil making machine whole production line

Service promise:

1. Free technical training until the user can independently operate and independently produce (can come to our factory for reference learning or to send the factory and production technical data by mail).

2, all the factory sold the production equipment warranty for one year, low-priced supply accessories

3,. Our factory is responsible for the long-term technology consulting services at any time for customers to solve various problems

4. Our factory has sample samples. All customers who purchase our equipment will receive the following improvement technologies free of charge


If you have great interest in our wooden pencil production line, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.

Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.





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