PVC Coated Galvanized Gabion Wire Mesh 2 X 1 X 1m Fit Rivers Control

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PVC Coated Galvanized Gabion Wire Mesh 2 X 1 X 1m Fit Rivers Control

Country/Region china
City & Province shijiazhuang hebei
Categories Iron Wire Mesh

Product Details

PVC coated galvanized gabion wire mesh 2 * 1 * 1m used in rivers control



The earliest know of gabions using was for river bank protection along the Nile River during the era of the Pharaoh. Gabion has proved to be a lasting solution around the world. They can deform to differential settlements, very flexible and can maintain their function. Flexiblity is very important of any gabion structure. Since the mattresses and baskets are constructed of galvanized woven mesh and filled with rock, the flexibility of a gabion structure allows it to withstand pressure without crazing, breaking or deformation in the case of concrete and other materials. There are very few limits when it comes to the construction of a gabion wall. Walls can be constructed following grade along a road, tapered on top to follow changing elevation or terraced creating stunning flower gardens that can flow over the wall.


Material Quality Standard: BS1052, BS443, ASTM B 750, YB/T180, GB343

Gabion Quality Standard: ASTM A 975, EN 10223-3

Experiental Standard: GB/T 2973-91, GB228-87, GB/11040-1992, GB/T15905-1995 etc.

Galvanized wire, Galfan Wire, PVC coated galvanized wire all these can be used with gabion.


Gabion wire mesh are made from high grade steel wire by machine. Gabion box are made of double twisted hexagonal wire mesh. They are divided into cells by diaphragms with 1 meter space and all the edges of the gabion box are reinforced with greater size steel wires.There are gabion baskets, gabion mattress and reno mattress.Gabion material is the best material which we use is stricktly as per international standards.


The gabion boxes are filled with rocks when used to form flexible and permeable structures which are widely used in retaining walls, dipo protection, pipeline protection,hydraulic engineering, rivers control and bridge strengthening.


Gabion Mesh
Wire Diameter
Wire Diameter (PVC Coated)/


Galvanized gabion use high quality low carbon steel wire material, the tensile strengthen of the single wire not less than 350Mpa, wire diameter range from 2.0-4.0mm. The wire mostly is heavy galvanized. The zinc coating not less than 200g/m2 and max. 300g/m2.


PVC coated galvanized gabion will greatly increase the using life time.And through the different color choices, fusion the surrounding environment make it more beautiful.

Galfan coated material have Zn-Al5% and Zn-10%Al, compare with the normal galvanized gabion it have many advantages.

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