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16 Channels RF Transmitter and Receiver Module , 2W Wireless RF Transceiver Module

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16 Channels RF Transmitter and Receiver Module , 2W Wireless RF Transceiver Module

Country/Region China
Categories LED Displays

Product Details

Detailed Product Description
Frequency Range:136-154MHz, 154-174MHz,400-420 MHz,450-470 MHzRF Output Power:2W
Operating Voltage:6V DCDimensions:60(L)*30(W)*20mm(H)
TX Current:1.5ARX Current:60mA
Channel Capacity:16

Low Cost 2W High Reliability RF Transmitter And Receiver Module FC-303


FC-303 is a low-cost, high reliability, point to point RF radio, it follows FCC PART 90 standard, specifically designed for the security alarm industry applications, using advanced wireless RF solution for research and development (FC-303 using integrated chip solution). Radio using high quality components and produced by SMT process, with compact size and convenient for embedded use, stable and reliable quality.


2W Output Power
12.5KHz/25KHz Channel Spacing
Programmable 16 Channels
Low Cost & High Reliability
Data-Voice Compatible
Fully PC Programmable
Compact Size for Embedded
OEM/ODM Service
Comply with FCC part 90


Frequency Range

VHF:136-154MHz, 154-174MHz

UHF:400-420 MHz,450-470 MHz

Channel CapacityMax. 999
Antenna Connector ImpedanceBNC Type 50
Frequency Tolerance and Stability±1.5ppm
Power Source5V/12V DC Optional
Temperature Range Storage-40℃-80℃
Temperature Range Operating-30℃-65℃


Output Power1-5W Optional
Modulation TypeF3D/F3E
Channel Spacing12.5KHz/25KHz
Deviation3KHz@80-130mv input
Frequency Deviation<5KHz(25KHz),<2.5KHz(12.5KHz)
TX Current1.5A
Standby Current60mA
TX Attack Time25ms


Rx Sensitivity(12DB Sinad)<-118dBm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio>45dB@25 KHz,>38dB@12.5 KHz
Adjacent Channel Selectivity>70Db@25KHz,>60dB@12.5KHz
Audio Output200mv-500mv
Audio Distortion<5%
Spurious Rejection>70dB
Audio Response300Hz-3KHz


  • Industrial telemetry & wireless remote control
  • Gas and oil flow monitoring
  • Electricity, water and gas utilities
  • Earthquake, weather, environmental protection and urban lighting control
  • Vehicle tracking and asset tracking systems
  • Water monitoring, waste water management and irrigation control
  • Railway, police, army automation system
  • Aerial defense and fire alarm system
  • Wireless Paging system

Quality Assurance

1. We have specialized technical maintenance team.
2. 1 year free maintenance, lifelong technical technical support for customers.
3. To protect our consumer's profit, we take good care on the production quanlity. we insist on the principle that quality is the most important.

Competitive Advantage

We cooperate closely with several domestic and overseas first-class universities, research institutions and laboratories, to consolidate and enhance our core competencies, to strive to be the leading supplier of wireless solutions.



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