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Wire Metal Drawing Machine , Contact Wire Drawing Plant For Cu-Sn Copper Magnesium

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Wire Metal Drawing Machine , Contact Wire Drawing Plant For Cu-Sn Copper Magnesium

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Product Details

Contact Wire Trolley Wire Drawing Machine For Copper Silver, Cu-Sn Copper Magnesium




Copper alloy trolley wire drawing machine is mainly used to draw and produce copper alloy trolley wire used in electrified railways. Draw dia. 20-22 mm rod to dia. 10.8~14.4 mm contact trolley wire.

Main Features

Each drawing capstan is driven by separate motor, torque controlled, so the wires hardly slip on the capstan.


The drawing capstans are all cooled by circulating water to guarantee cooling of wires.


The machine use wire guiding ring to push the wires to prevent wires from deflecting when take-up.


The application of touch screen: displaying and setting parameters are convenient.

Main Components

coil type pay-off, axial loading pay-off frame, drawing main machine, mechanical electronic meter counter, gantry ground rack type take-up machine, electric control system, drawing cooling system, wire pointing machine


Main Technical Data


Type1200/1+1000/41000/4Drawing Material
Inlet Wire Dia.(mm)20~2220copper
Outlet Wire Dia. (mm)10.8~14.4mm10.8~14.4mmcopper silver
Section Elongation20~47%20~47%Cu-Sn copper magnesium
Max. drawing Speed(m/min)6060Al or Al alloy flat wire
Motor power1 pc of 75kw, 4pcs of 55kw, DC1 pc of 75kw, 3pcs of 55kw, DC 
Ratio of reducer80~20080~140 
Pay off reel20002000 
Take up reel20002000 



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