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Address: Room 610, No.88 Xinglong road, Huli Distric, Xiamen, China

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Thanks for you reading the information of our company YEXINGLONG GROUP LIMITED. Our primary business is Real estate. We have offices and factories in Changsha, Wuhan, Jiaxing, and Xiamen city. In the year of 2014, our company made a new investment for the Outdoor products, which includes Umbrellas, Tents, Bags. Our plant area of about 3500 square meters, the management staff of about 20 people, the cumulative production of more than 180 people, more than 300 thousand umbrellas per month. Our factory also has a professional designer, automatic cloth inspection machine, 20 tons hydraulic press (wave umbrella special), automatic ultrasonic embossing machine, a plurality of pieces without the bottom line sewing machine, automatic cleaning equipment, automatic cutting head heat shrinkable film packaging machine, automatic cutting machine, large cloth environmental protection mortar silk screen printing, automatic drying equipment etc..


We can provide customized advertising umbrella, gift umbrella for global customers; brand OEM, and professional factory global designers personality umbrella customization. Our products are: luxury umbrella umbrella, golf umbrella, reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, umbrella, digital printing advertising umbrella, gift umbrella, sun umbrella, outdoor advertising tents and a variety of special and creative functions, meet various needs you.


In order to ensure the quality and process requirements of your umbrella, we have done the following:

1, ahead of the umbrella industry counterparts, and actively promote the Production (Lean Production), launched the TQM (Total Quality Management).

2, we ensure that the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) circulation management system completes the quality control and supplier selection of raw material, the key production process management, outsourcing factories and final product inspection, to ensure the quality of the goods you.

3, in order to avoid ink smell when the umbrella surface screen printing and solve the dry wet weather is a big problem, we use the technology of printing ink and glue adhesion and high drying efficiency, silk screen seven automatic drying machine to accelerate the customization, these on the umbrella manufacturing industry is unique.

4, when the umbrella production, the residual thread more is also a troublesome thing, for this reason, we installed in the sewing machine automatic thread cutting equipment, to ensure that the 99% umbrellas no longer retain excess thread.

5. We guarantee payment of monthly payment to all suppliers so as to ensure a good business environment and ensure all suppliers support and cooperate with us.

6, we attach importance to the interests of front-line workers and the continuous improvement of quality of life, we believe that a healthy and stable workforce will be able to provide customers with better quality and stability.

7, we will increase the ODM product designers, designers, materials engineers input, to ensure that customers can get more cutting-edge design, and the latest materials and process applications.

We have a clear vision of enterprise and customer value enterprise China umbrella OEM & ODM field, our vision is committed to providing high-quality umbrella customized services for global customer experience "; our values are" customer oriented success".

You are welcome to contact our customer service staff at any time, we will provide you with warm and thoughtful umbrella customized service, thank you for your trust!


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City: xiamen
Province: fujian
Country: china
Address: Room 610, No.88 Xinglong road, Huli Distric, Xiamen, China