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crocodile leather strap band for brand watches

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crocodile leather strap band for brand watches

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It Can be used for the material of strap. But in fact, that is, stainless steel and leather (cow) these two kinds of the most widely used. 
crocodile leather strap also belong to a kind of animal leather; but it is expensive, generally only used for high-end brands on the brand watch.
Strap more expensive than belt, which is embodied in the crocodile leather strap. The original factory original estimated price estimation in 
$350 above, luxury brands sell at $700-$800 is not uncommon. Crocodiles are used in the crocodile leather strap is said to be farmed 
Crocodiles can be used to do with American alligator strap, and caiman, with the former had better quality.
1, caimans, and are two different varieties of crocodile, alligator localities is different;
2, used to do fabric kay crocodile skin texture is irregular circle lines, and the American crocodile is checkered;
3, compared to the American crocodile kay better door crocodile leather, crocodile kay door relatively "brittle";
4, alligator skin more precious, is the highest grade in fabric, its aesthetic value is kay crocodile door can not be compared.
The whole crocodile does not seem too big, is also about two feet long, which made the material part is the crocodile is on both sides of the 
spine the chest, on the spinal cord is too hard, too thin soft belly part also can't use, so most down a crocodile can out about 10 strap, with 
good quality can make four. With generous speckle gradually transition to the small side markings for the best. Alligator strap is the standard 
equipment of the best watches, luxuriant nobility crocodile skin to become the first selection of expensive watches. Alligator strap on making 
exquisite sewing by hand, it is made of experienced senior technicians, the absolute is a part of a watch, precious metal watches deserve to go 
up again the exquisite crocodile leather strap, like a good match on platinum diamond ring ring ring, are all top configuration, will let you 
watch the pearl garden, yi yi is unripe brightness. Crocodile which layer is just the strap outside surface, inside is not, and inside the 
strap has mat, the head is thick, the tail a slope gradually thin vein, buttonhole for 6-7, the standard length is 70/110 mm.
Crocodile leather strap than calfskin strap, it is also the consumables, say strong besides metal strap, good quality rubber strap is also more 
durable; Often wear crocodile strap in 2 ~ 3 years of life. If the strap use "butterfly clasp, situation better; If it is as is the needle into 
the eye and belt, most easily from the part of the bending crack. Sunlight and often contact a lot of sweat, are the most damaging to strap, 
and dampness and moisture, so alternate leather easily weather-shack, harden, and easy to produce a stench, the situation and wear leather 
shoes are the same.
The maintenance of the alligator strap
It Suggested that the original collection of alligator strap pluck up, another article in the other quality is also done calfskin strap to wear, either in the summer with less as far as possible, can take more in the winter time. At ordinary times can wipe to strap colorless sheep oil, especially in the long term without collection before this like wearing shoes, maintain not maintain long down effect is different. Wearing watches when harvesting and bolt connected, action should be slow gentle, avoid energetically inconvenient; In the band often fixed position after bending, don't reverse pull back; Strap with hard objects such as desktop often friction, can make the strap surface accelerated wear and lose luster, this should pay attention to avoid. Wear crocodile don't too tighten the wrist strap, should moderately loose a bit, in order to reduce the erosion of contact with skin and sweat. Again good cortex, attentive caress, again also could not prevent the ageing of leather, have been found fracture of strap, will not hesitate to do change in time, tattered leather strap can reduce the appearance qualityand the grade watches a lot of, MianMuJieFei aside, and may cause the hidden trouble of the lost watch.

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