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Address: 1502 Huitong street, liaocheng city,shandong,china 252000

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Welkin Industry (shandong)Limited Wireless Security Television Monitoring System

The main products include computer output micrographics equipment; security monitoring alarm equipment: monitoring station, surveillance equipment, security equipment; burglar alarm or similar device: a vehicle anti-theft alarm, anti-robbery panic alarm equipment, electric fence energizer network; alarm transmission systems; security checks explosion-proof equipment: luggage and parcel inspection equipment, metal detection equipment, explosive ordnance disposal equipment, explosion-proof protective equipment and other objects, lights, horn, fire detectors, anti-theft device or alarm; manufacture of wireless digital transmission multiplex equipment and solutions in equipment, digital transmission solution equipment; telecommunications transmission equipment and switching equipment (carrier communication transmission equipment, microwave radio relay communications transmission equipment, optical communication transmission equipment, telephone switches, digital switches, etc.); common radio communications transmission equipment; wireless manufacturing communications transmission equipment; telecommunications network management, monitoring equipment: telephone network, cable networks, data networks, ISDN management equipment.

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Mr. Mr. Gym Xu (Manager) 

Skype: welkin787    

QQ: 929462644    

Mobile: (+86)18663-582868



HI! GYM Micro Group Control System
JiWei WeChat Group-Control
System Description: Set micro-group control system is running under the WINDOWS system, simple operation, stable operation, easy to upgrade, feature-rich, the system can also manage a large number of micro-credit account number, a machine, security and stability, not easy title.
Main function: Through the Android automation control integration system, the multiple mobile phone operation interface directly maps to the computer monitor, realizes a computer to control many handset operations. Batch of friends circle, bulk WeChat chat, automatic batch plus friends, convenient intelligence, stable anti-seal number.
01, a key to automatically add the nearby people.
02, a key station street, automatic timing switch position.
03, automatically switch micro account number.
04, automatically import phone contacts.
05, automatically add phone contacts.
06, automatically through new friends to verify.
07, by number or area to generate mobile phone number.
08, a key to add the specified number.
09, a key to add the group members.
10, automatically throwing bottles, picking up bottles.
11, with the screen operation, according to group operation.
12, group mobile phone control.
13, a key to send contacts book friends.
14, a key to send all group chat messages.
15, a key to send a friend circle.
16, a key to share links to the circle of friends.
17, a key praise, a key comment.
18, a key to automatically modify the micro message data, picture and so on.
19, chat robot, automatically reply to new messages.
20, WeChat customer service system, cloud chat system.
21, a powerful task management functions.
22, batch mobile phone screen real-time transmission computer.
Note: follow-up of new features during the free upgrade software
[] On the WeChat anti-letters recommended
Micro-signal using the new number required to support, the old number can be, the old number may be a little safer. QQ micro-signal is recommended, you can also use a cell phone to register multiple micro-signal (after the release of mobile phone number to register, and then can be newly registered).
Account closure problem, we can rest assured, unless the account is reported by other users. The software uses the official WeChat original, do not use any micro-security vulnerabilities, there will not be some use of low version of the WeChat account after the closure of the situation. It may happen that people nearby and the shake-away feature are disabled, which is generally disabled for one week. Software has built-in Baidu map location editing function, for the same account, if the short time switch position is too large, such as 1 hour switch from Shenzhen to Wuhan, in the use of greeting to nearby people will trigger micro letter positioning security Mechanism, triggering 2-3 times, the function will be disabled for 1 week or so. For the same account, if you need a wide range of switching positions, it is recommended to set the switch after 24 hours.
Plus friends, the frequency of the message not too fast, as far as possible to simulate people's habits, to reduce the number of restrictions or titles.
Some share the text image features, such as WeChat circle of friends, an account number of the best day not more than 3, but not concentrated in a short period of time release, a frequent account of short-term release, is likely to cause friends resentment, Blacklisted or even reported.
QQ3470034640 3093673203
Tel: 0635-7767762
Mobile WeChat: 13287518887
Headquarters: No.58 Minzhi Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen
Demonstration Address: Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, Liu Yuan Road, South Gate, Luxi Science and Technology Market 1-89

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Company Name: 无线安防网(中国)有限公司
City: liaocheng
Province: shandong
Country: china
Address: 1502 Huitong street, liaocheng city,shandong,china 252000