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HDJB-702A microcomputer relay protection tester

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HDJB-702A microcomputer relay protection tester

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Product Details

I. Product Introduction

HDJB-702A microprocessor-based relay protection tester for all relays and protective devices for testing Each calibration, power plants, power companies and power units essential test equipment. Used to detect switchgear, integrated protection devices, the use of high-speed, high-performance digital control processor as the control microcomputer, the software application of double-precision algorithm to generate arbitrary high-precision waveforms of each phase. As a result of an integrated structure, all the parts combined with close, short data transmission distance, compact structure. Overcoming the problem of few output waveform points caused by the long data communication line and narrower frequency band in the direct control type monitor and control instrument of the notebook computer.

1.D / A conversion and low-pass filter using high-speed high D / A converter to ensure the full range of current, voltage accuracy and linearity.

Due to high D / A resolution and high fitting density, small waveform distortion, small harmonic components and low requirements for low-pass filters, it has good transient characteristics, phase-frequency characteristics and amplitude-frequency characteristics, Achieve accurate phase shift, harmonic superposition, high frequency can also ensure high accuracy.

2. Voltage, current amplifier phase current, voltage does not use up-flow, booster, and the use of direct output, the current and voltage sources can be directly output from the DC to a variety of frequency components of the waveform, such as square wave, each Sub-harmonic superimposed waveforms, fault transient waveforms, etc., can better simulate the various short-circuit current and voltage characteristics.

Power amplifier circuit using imported high-power high-fidelity modular power devices for the power output stage, with careful, reasonably designed cooling structure, with sufficient power redundancy and heat capacity. Amplifier circuit has a complete overheating, over current, over voltage and short circuit protection. When the current loop over-current occurs when the voltage loop overload or short circuit, automatically limit the output power, turn off the entire power amplifier circuit, and gives the alarm signal display. To prevent long-term work caused by high current amplifier circuit overheating, the device set the software under high current limit. 10A and below the output device can work for a long time, when the current exceeds 10A, the software starts a limited time, the time limit to, the software automatically shut down the power output and give an alarm indication. The greater the output current, the shorter the limit.

3. Open into and out of the amount of switch input circuit compatible with empty contacts and 0 ~ 250V potential contacts. Potential mode, 0 ~ 6V for the combined, 11 ~ 250V points. Switch can easily switch on each phase of the action time and action time difference measurement. Open into the part of the host operating power, power amplifier, etc. are isolated. Open to the ground for the suspension, therefore, open into the public part of the current, voltage common part of the UN, IN are not the same. Binary input potential direction, the common terminal should be connected to the negative terminal, open into the negative terminal potential to ensure that the public terminal potential higher than the open terminal. Field wiring, should be open into public termination + KM, the negative terminal of the contacts open into the terminal. If it is reversed, it will not be detected correctly.

Open part of the relay empty contact output. Output capacity of DC: 220V / 0.2A, AC: 220V / 0.5A. Switching output and voltage, current, open into the other parts are completely isolated. Each out of the amount of action in each test module are different, please refer to the detailed instructions of each module software.

Two. Product Features:

1. Standard 4-phase voltage 3-phase current output with 4-phase voltage 3-phase current output, various combinations can be easily output for various types of protection test. Each phase voltage can output 120V, the current three and output 120A, the fourth phase voltage Ux is multi-function voltage, can be set to 4 kinds of 3U0 or check the voltage of the same period, or the output of any voltage value.

2. Stand-alone easy operation Stand-alone by a convenient and flexible rotating mouse through the large-screen LCD screen to operate, all Chinese display. Can be completed most of the test site test, a variety of relays and computer protection can be verified, and can simulate a variety of complex transient, permanent, conversion failure of the entire group of tests. Boot to use, easy to operate.

3. Dual operation mode, connect the computer to run Through the full set of Chinese operating software on the Windows platform, can carry out a variety of large complex and more highly automated calibration work, you can easily test and scan a variety of protection settings, real-time storage Storage test data, display vector, draw fault waveform, online print report.

4. The powerful software can be completed a variety of high degree of automation of a large complex calibration work, such as three-phase differential test, power cut fast, prepared from the vote test, line protection check the same period reclosing, etc., can easily test and scan Various protection settings, fault playback, real-time storage of test data, display vector, online print reports.

5 switch contacts rich 7-way contact input and 2-point contact output. Input contact is empty contact and 0 ~ 250V potential contact compatible, intelligent automatic identification. Input, output contacts can be expanded according to user needs.

6 large-screen LCD display The machine uses 320 240 dot-matrix large-screen high-resolution graphic LCD display, all the operation process are set on the display, the interface and the test results are finished display, showing intuitive and clear.

7. Self-protection The use of a reasonable design of the cooling structure, and has a sound and comprehensive protection of a variety of protection and power soft-start, and some fault self-diagnosis and blocking functions.

8. With an independent dedicated DC power output device with a 110V and 220V dedicated adjustable DC power output.

9. Cost-effective cross-professional joint design products, integrated multi-disciplinary advanced scientific and technological achievements. Both large-scale tester performance, and the price of a small tester, with a high cost performance.

Three. Equipment parameters

1. AC current output

Output accuracy 0.5 level

Phase current output (RMS) 0 ~ 40A

Three and current output (RMS) 0 ~ 120A

Phase current for a long time to allow work (RMS) 10A

Phase current maximum output power 420VA

Three and the maximum output current maximum output power 900VA

Three and maximum current output allows working time 10s

Frequency range (fundamental) 20 ~ 1000Hz

Harmonic times 1 ~ 20 times

2. DC current output

Output accuracy 0.5 level

Current output 0 ~ 10A / phase, 0 ~ 30A / triple

The maximum output load voltage 20V

AC voltage output

Output accuracy 0.5 level

Phase voltage output (RMS) 0 ~ 120V

Line voltage output (RMS) 0 ~ 240V

Phase voltage / line voltage output power 80VA / 100VA

Frequency range (fundamental) 20 ~ 1000Hz

Harmonic times 1 ~ 20 times

4. DC voltage output

Output accuracy 0.5 level

Phase voltage output amplitude 0 ~ 160V

Line voltage output amplitude 0 ~ 320V

Phase voltage / line voltage output power 70VA / 140VA

5 switch and time measurement




Switch input

7 Road

Empty contact: 1 ~ 20mA, 24V

Potential contact access: "0": 0 ~ + 6V; "1": + 11 V ~ + 250V

Switch output

2 pairs

DC: 220V / 0.2A; AC: 220V / 0.5A

Time measurement

Measuring range 0.1ms ~ 9999s Measurement accuracy 0.1mS

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