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Resin Western Lady Sculpture Celebrity Wax Statues Of Sophie Marceau For Museum

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Address: Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.

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Hangzhou Ehoo Wax Figure

Resin Western Lady Sculpture Celebrity Wax Statues Of Sophie Marceau For Museum

Country/Region china
City & Province hangzhou zhejiang
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Product Details

Resin Western Lady Sculpture Celebrity Wax Statues Of Sophie Marceau For Museum


Item specifications:



Female wax statue

Item Name

Sophie Marceau

Origin Place

Zhejiang China


 1 PC


The exposed parts (hands/hands etc) are made of high quality silicone.

The unexposed parts (covered by clothes) are made of fiberglass.




Museum display, tourist resort exhibition, celebrity show, memorial hall, scene recovery etc.

ProfileOver the years, Ehoo adhere to focus on the museum auxiliary display creation, adhere to the unique insight and a keen eye to resolve the implication of the museum scene, and museum planning group intended precisely the expression of each sculpture exhibits, we firmly believe that the brand strength, and focus on the museum visually convey the field of creation has never wavered. 
The wax from the beginning as a purely exhibition development to museum art display material and the purpose of dissemination are a series of changes. Material from the original wax developed to silica gel, synthetic resin. Museum, the purpose of dissemination from the celebrity star effect is transformed into a museum auxiliary display one of the tools.        
As one of the leading manufacturers of wax figure in China, we should understand on a deeper level about the relationship between the museum and wax. The dynamic behavior on the wax figure, manner of expression, more properly reflect the scenes to pass information to visitors, and always is the focus of our creative.

















Difference between silicone wax statue and common wax statue:



Silicone sculpture

Wax work

Make up

Melted into silicon gel

Painted on the surface


Permanent color

Temporary color


Rubbing or washing is available

Only can be wiped lightly


Temper :between 20°C-40°C

Temper :around 22°C


Close to human skin

Reflects to light

Hand feel

Like human skin

Touch is not recommended





Realistic from all angles

Brief details, looks alike from distance

Facial details

Veins, scars even pimples are fully shown

Only shows basic expressions


Strong body material prevents relatively light fall

Breaks when fall

Life span

20-30 years

10-15 years

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