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Traditional Folk Art Celebrity Wax Statues Angelina Jolie Wax Figure

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Address: Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.

Contact name:Zheng

Hangzhou Ehoo Wax Figure

Traditional Folk Art Celebrity Wax Statues Angelina Jolie Wax Figure

Country/Region china
City & Province hangzhou zhejiang
Categories Nautical Gifts

Product Details

Traditional Folk Art Celebrity Wax Statue Of Angelina Jolie For Museum Display


Item specifications:



Silicone wax statue

Item Name

Angelina Jolie

Origin Place

Zhejiang China


 1 PC

SizeLife-sizeProcessBy Hands


The exposed parts (hands/hands etc) are made of high quality silicone.

The unexposed parts (covered by clothes) are made of fiberglass.


Museum display, tourist resort exhibition, celebrity show, memorial hall, scene recovery etc.

Profile"Acting is not pretending or lying. It’s finding a side of yourself that’s the character and ignoring your other sides. And there’s a side of me that wonders what’s wrong with being completely honest." -Angelina Jolie













Difference between silicone wax statue and common wax statue:


Silicone sculpture

Wax work

Make up

Melted into silicon gel

Painted on the surface


Permanent color

Temporary color


Rubbing or washing is available

Only can be wiped lightly


Temper :between 20°C-40°C

Temper :around 22°C


Close to human skin

Reflects to light

Hand feel

Like human skin

Touch is not recommended





Realistic from all angles

Brief details, looks alike from distance

Facial details

Veins, scars even pimples are fully shown

Only shows basic expressions


Strong body material prevents relatively light fall

Breaks when fall

Life span

20-30 years

10-15 years


About us:


1. We are the Initiators of lifelike hyper-realistic silicone sculptures.


2. We upgrade traditional waxwork by silicone gel as raw material.


3. We have four prominent strong designer & artist team.


4. We have collaborated with overseas clients since 2000.


5. We have rich experience in service museum.


6. From concept design to installation, all procedure service available.


7. Custom wax figures accepted. We will carve the figures according to the pictures or videos provided by customers



What should buyer do?

1. Prepare the pictures and videos for the figures you want.


  • The photos should be taken from every different angle.(The front , side, back)
  • Photo of full body shows the body shape and cloth style.
  • We should stress face : The face is the key to the statue, So we need clear picture for face. More clear,more better.
  • The photos of the action you want.
  • You can take a picture from front and note the following data (Stature/Length of arms/Length of legs/Measurements of breast, waist, hips)

Note:We can make the statues accord to the pictures you provided without the detail data. But it would be better if we have these data.


2. How to prepare the picture for action?


If you can’t find a good picture for action, you can take a photo for yourself and act the action you want for the statue as following:

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