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4 Wings PDC Hole Opener Drill Bit , Drag Bit Drilling Carbide Material For Sandstone Rock

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4 Wings PDC Hole Opener Drill Bit , Drag Bit Drilling Carbide Material For Sandstone Rock

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City & Province jinzhou liaoning
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Product Details

4 wings pdc drilling drag bit drill bit for sandstone rock


Product Description

Drilling drag bit


PDC Drag Bits also named blade bits, with a Tungsten Carbide inserts on the blades.They are usually designed for use in soft formations such as sand, clay, or some soft rock.Their uses include drilling water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental and exploration drilling.Whenever possible, they should be used to drill pilot holes, for they produce cuttings are easiest to log.Normally drag bits are 3 wings, but we can make 4 or 5 wings following your drawings or samples. Many special designs are available upon your request.


Other than PDC bits, drilling drag bits have the lowest cost per bit. Drilling drag bits are a rotary drill bit built with a steel body and tungsten carbide teeth.

These bits will out preform other more expensive bits if used appropriately. Drilling drag bits are extremely popular choice for seismic drilling, blast hole drilling and geothermal drilling applications. For best results adjust the rotational speed to 50% less than what you would normally use for a tricone bit of the same size and reduce the weight on bit by the same amount.


Description of drilling drag bit :
A drilling drag bit is simply a series of blades (usually three or four in number) which produce a shearing action when rotated. They are comparatively inexpensive due to the lack of moving

parts and they can penetrate softer formations such as stiff clays and mudstones very quickly.

The drag bit usually used in very soft to medium formation when the dth hammer as the tricone bit, lose of their effectiveness.
The cleaning of the hole is realized by the injection of air or water.
There are two forms of drag bits:
- "Step" type for soft grounds
- "Chevron" type for medium hard grounds


Specification of drilling drag bit:


1) Drag bits are made according to API standard or no thread standard just welding.

2) Various step and chevron drag bits are available from 3 inch to 17 1/2 inch. (normal small size are 3”,3 3/4”,3 7/8”,4 3/4”,4 5/8”,5 7/8”,8 1/2" to 17 1/2"and so on).

3) There is very good feedback from our customers because of the quality and price.

4) Different drag bits can be made according to your drawings or samples.


ItemDrilling drag bit
TypeChevron and Step type
Wings2, 3 and 4 wings
Size: from 35/8”(92mm) to 12

2 3/8, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6 5/8 API Reg. Pin



drilling drag bit


1. reasonable price
2. strong aggressiveness
3. high clearness speed
4. adequate stocks



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