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12T/H Drinking Water Treatment Systems , RO Water Purifier Machine For Plant

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12T/H Drinking Water Treatment Systems , RO Water Purifier Machine For Plant

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Product Details

  Commercial RO water purifier UV machine / Drinking Water Treatment Machine Industry Used



We will design the water treatment plant based on the water quality provided by the customer and the requirement of output water quality.





Industrial UF water purification systems usually serves as a pretreatment for surface water,

seawater, and biologically treated municipal effluent before reverse osmosis and other

membrane systems. UF is also used in industry to separate suspended solids from solution.

Industrial applications include power generation, food and beverage processing,

pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing.

ZK industrial UF water purification systems consistently deliver water to meet your





Drinking Water Treatment Machine :


Drinking Water Treatment Machine is necessary to pre-treat the raw water strictly. Choose appropriate post processing system according to the different water quality requirements, to achieve the final requirement of aquatic products. 


If there is high requirement for the salinity, we can select ion exchange and EDI technology etc. 


If there is high requirement for the microbial, we can select a combination of ozone and UV disinfection technology. Because of RO process, we can make the system more stable, lower energy consumption and water quality assured.



Commercial RO water purifier UV  machine  industrial


Application Fields of water purifier


Electric industry water/ Pharmaceutical industry water/ Chemical industry process water/ Electric industry boiler feeding water/ Food industry water/ Seawater and saline water desalination/ Purified drinking water/ Other process water, etc.





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