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Small Waste Oil Treatment Plant , Double Stage Cable / Transformer Oil Treatment Machine

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Small Waste Oil Treatment Plant , Double Stage Cable / Transformer Oil Treatment Machine

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Product Details

Explosion Proof Double Stage Electrical Cable Transformer Oil Treatment Plant


the function of the machine improve the properties of Transformer oil. It can remove trace free water, soluble water, gas, acid, free carbon(polarity material), suspended particles and other impurities from the insulating oil, which includes transformer oil, break oil, capacitor oil, switch oil, mutual oil, cable oil and so on.




◆  Vacuum Chamber

1. first oil pass through primary filter and heater before reach the vacuum chamber.

2. An inspection window on the vacuum chamber.

3. Spray Nozzles on the top of vacuum chamber, which can help Degasifying and vacuum dehydrating insulating oil at approximately 50 deg. C containing 100 ppm soluble water and 10 percent air by volume to provide oil with 3-5 ppm soluble water and 0.1 percent air

4. The vacuum chamber can increase evaporation area efficiently. The heater, being placed on the vacuum chamber, becomes an evaporator. Thus the evaporation area of vacuum vessel is three times more than that of the general vacuum vessel.

5. The optimal structure of the dehydration (degas) system enlarges the surface area of oil exposed to the vacuum system and extends the flowing distance of the oil in the vacuum system

6. Infrared oil-level controller will control the oil volume.


◆ Infrared Oil-level Controlling System


1. The oil-level floating ball or infrared liquid level automatic controller system are installed in the vacuum vessel to control the oil level so as to avoid the oil being suctioned into vacuum pump in the operation.

2. When oil quantity is lower than the level of the float ball, then the oil pump will start-up automatically and pump oil into the vacuum vessel, when oil is up to the floating ball level, pump will stop automatically


◆ Filter Elements(particulate matter removal)

1. Stainless steel filters can remove 99.5% particles.The sizes of the filter elements and aperture dwindle gradually in the different filtering stages. The impurities with different particulate sizes are filtered step by step. The capability of removing particulate matters and impurities is improved greatly by this method.

2. The filtering system has stable and prefect filtering fineness. The filtering fineness has several grades, including 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 20 micron etc.


3. How to clean the filter elements:

There is Pressure gauges on each filter element, when pressure exceed 0.4Mpa, it will alarm automatically, then you need clean the filter( open the screws, take out the filter, then clean it by diesel oil or kerosene,after cleaning it, you can dry the filter by air compressor.


4. Easily clean and replace filter elements

Technical Specification of Transformer Oil Purification Equipment     

 Index nameunitZJL-10ZJL-20ZJL-30ZJL-50ZJL-75ZJL-100ZJL-150
Technical ParameterFlow rateL/H6001200180030004500600010000
Vacuum degreeMpa-0.008-0.095
Working pressureMpa≤0.3
Temperature rangeºC20-80
Power supplyV380V/3phase/50Hz(or as needed)
Working noisedB(A)≤72≤75
Heating powerkW11131820244560
Total powerkW12.514.52325305068

Diameter of
inlet & outlet

After TreatingType of oil pump Circular Teeth Gear Pump
Breakdown voltagekV≥65
Water contentPPm≤3-5
Gas content%≤0.1
Dielectric loss factortgd≤0.005
Interfacial tensionmN/m≥40
ImpuritiesMicron≤5(no free carbon)


Flow Chart:


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