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China Horizontal Plastic PET Bottles Balers with Manual Belting export to Mexico

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China Horizontal Plastic PET Bottles Balers with Manual Belting export to Mexico

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China Horizontal Plastic PET Bottles Balers with Manual Belting export to Mexico
Horizontal PET Bottles Balers manufacturer China Wanshida company. We specialize in waste metal recycling equipment for Wase aluminum, tin cans, metal sawdust, waste car, radiator, waste paper, waste cardboard, etc.
Horizontal PET Bottles Balers Y82-125 (Throughput 6-8tons/Hour)
Horizontal baler is a kind of scrap recycling equipment. It can be used as waste paper baler, plastic baler and cardboard baler, etc.
Our horizontal waste baler can be used together with mechanical feed equipment to reduce the material processing cost. It is of high efficiency and can satisfy your various baling requirements.
More Details about our Horizontal Waste Baler
Auto baling or manual tying up
Variable feed opening sizes are available.
This horizontal waste baler accepts the feeding materials from conveyor and air system.
Feed hopper is designed with access door.
This horizontal waste baler is fitted with bale size and it has full bale alarm function.
As a professional horizontal waste baler manufacturer in China, we can provide horizontal waste balers with automatic belting and horizontal waste balers with manual belting. Besides, we also offer scrap metal baler, alligator shearing machine, vertical waste baler, and so on. These products are CE certified and are of high quality and low price.

Y82-125 Technical Specifications



 Bale Weight

 1200kgs for Waste paper

 700kgs for pet bottles

 Bale Size (W×H×L)


 Press Force


 Output -Conveyor feeding
 Output -Manual feeing

 9.6tons in one hour
 6tons in one hour

 Motor Power


 Strapping Wire

 5 wires

 Dimensions (with conveyor)
 Dimensions (without conveyor)





Simple operation panel
Cutting blades on the top of press plate
Inform when bales compacted

Japan brand seal rings 
CE Standard

Big loading hopper 

Robust Buidling 

Variable bale length 

1. This Y82W-125A manual waste baler is designed in horizontal structure. The optional 6m long conveyor belt can be mounted for feeding materials automatically or manually.
2. Switched by buttons, it is able to run safely and reliably under the control of PLC.
3. This machine supports manual binding operation.

1.The configured power is adjustable in consistent with the actual requirements of production.
2. Users can select the apron conveyor, scraper conveyor chain or belt conveyor as they want.

The manual waste baler is mainly used to bale the waste paper like carton and news paper, scrap plastics like PET bottle, plastic film and recycle case, straws and other loose materials. Additionally, the compacting box and the bale of the machine can be designed in special dimension to meet specific demands of users.

Optional Extra 

Conveyor Feeding
Oil heater
Oil cooler

Diesel Engine Drive





Dry Soft Plastic

PET Bottles

Plastic film

White Goods

Shred paper

News Paper

Scrap Tire
Following photos of our 125ton horizontal baler for waste paper and pet bottles for your reference:


May you need cheaper one vertical balers:

200ton scrap aluminum hydraulic baler:

Gloden supplier for world famous brand:
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Scrap Metal Shredder
Scrap Metal Shredder
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