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Multi Function Heated Back Brace Activation Biological Macromolecules Activity

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Multi Function Heated Back Brace Activation Biological Macromolecules Activity

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Product Details

【Model number】ZY-011

【Material】Tourmaline cloth fabric + Velcro + OK clorth + magnet

【package】Single pack


1, activation of the biological macromolecules of activity, so as to play the biological macromolecules to regulate the body's immune function and other functions, is conducive to the recovery of the body function and balance, to prevent disease, the purpose of treatment.
2, to promote and improve the local and systemic blood circulation.
3, enhance the metabolism.
4, to improve immune function.
5, with anti-inflammatory, swelling effect
6, with the role of analgesia.
7, negative ions through the breath, the skin into the human body, adjust the blood pH, so that the weak alkaline, alkaline ions with the role of surfactants. So that blood vessels in the formation of colloidal cholesterol dispersion, reduce blood flocculation, lower blood pressure.
8, anion with a stable autonomic nerve, control sympathetic, improve the effect of sleep.
9, increase the amount of sweating, increase the brain wave a wave, reduce fatigue.
10, anion with fresh air, remove formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases, eliminate odor.



nameColorSizeSamlpe timeShipping method
Tourmaline shoulder padswhiteAverage Size3-5DaysCourier
  Can be customized size vessel




[Performance characteristics]
Guarding with high quality fabrics. Self-heating cloth never drop point, never fall off, fever time longer, more stable, there are permanent disk, with far infrared effect, anion effect, magnetic therapy, germanium therapy, hyperthermia.
"Scope of application":
Apply to bone hyperplasia, arthritis, cervical pain, stiff neck, elbow pain, arm, muscle soreness, wrist pain, thigh muscle soreness, knee pain, calf muscle soreness, ankle joint pain, foot tendon pain and other symptoms Therapeutic effect.
First, the middle of the protective part of the fire with a cloth wipe the water, and then directly protect the skin in the skin affected area. Generally about 30 minutes to feel the obvious heat.
According to the physical condition of each person, decided to use the length of time, if used, the skin has a hot feeling, is a normal situation, please temporarily off. Never damage the skin.
Do not touch the water can also be used, but the heat takes a long time. This product can be used repeatedly to avoid the use of detergent (powder), directly with water scrub (5 minutes or less washing), does not affect the product efficacy.




1. The correct use of self-heating fixture:
The brazier hot moxibustion surface water (winter can use warm water) to shoot wet, and then directly attached to the skin in the health department, 20 minutes or so gradually feel the skin heat and acupuncture feeling. The closer the stickers, the better the effect. Use twice a day, every 3 hours or so, in addition to sleep should not wear, but also according to their own situation to adjust the wear time and the number of times. A small number of skin sensitive people use the skin when the hot, red, is a normal phenomenon, will not damage the skin, can wear time shorter.
Touch the hood and skin should be no heat, but the use of the skin itself has a strong sense of heat and acupuncture.
In the feeling of hot when you can pick off the guard, after picking will continue for a long time feel hot.
Some people in the state of non-wetting the surface can also quickly feel the heat. But there is also a part of the crowd is not wet use is difficult to quickly heat or heat is not high, this time with the user's physical condition and the season are related.
2. Do you have to keep skin on your skin?
It is best to use close to the skin, so that the effect is the best heat, but also the strongest. The use of clothes, heat effect will be weakened, but the negative ions, magnetic therapy and other effects can still play a normal effect, the heat function in the state of the skin is the best fit, the closer the skin paste, the faster heat, the more strong!
3. hot hot, unbearable, how to do? Will it burn the skin?
Hot is just the feeling of the skin, it is a lot of energy accumulated in the skin surface for a short time feeling, not really high temperature burning skin, so do not worry will burn the skin. Until the skin surface energy gradually penetrate into the muscles or bone cracks, the heat will feel weakened or disappear. In the sense of heat or acupuncture strong sense, please directly from the skin products, over a period of time will ease the disappearance.



4. Why do not everyone feel very comfortable after use, I only wear less than a day will not be hot on it?
Spontaneous hot moxibustion products are not from the outside to the body heat, but to stimulate the body's own fever, so the heat completely determined by the user's own physical condition. In general, the heat is the human body can withstand or even feel strong, in the 1,2 hours after picking can also gradually return to normal. If the use of a very short period of time can not afford to bear or take off after a very long time burning tingling, usually because the user is too wet or weak body, it is recommended to shorten the use of each time, Time and actively cooperate with other fitness exercise at the same time, this situation will be improved.
5. Why do not I feel the heat when I wear it?
There are two main reasons:
1, the climate reasons: the general winter temperature is low and the human skin dry, heat will be slower or less heat, this time only the heating surface can be used after wetting.
2, the body itself reasons: about 5% of people, put on, the heat time needs a long or hot is not high, it is because the capillary is deep, or microcirculation is not good, or low temperature for a long time, or Metabolism is not strong and so on, these reasons, will lead to fever takes a long time. At this time in the use of wetting protective gear at the same time, you can drink some hot water, or walk around the sun, are conducive to stimulate the product fever.
There are less than 1% of the population due to the above symptoms of physical discomfort is more serious, may be difficult to achieve a few times before the use of high fever, it is recommended to use. When the product does not heat fever, the patient is mild treatment of the site, when the product heat fever, it is released when the energy is not 20-30 times the heat, the patient is a strong treatment.
6. What is the life of the fever moxibustion hood? How to keep washing?
Continuous life of about 6,000 hours of life, do not have time. This product can be used for 5-6 years or so. Have a good self-energy recovery ability, so the use of proper words can be used for a longer time. Washing must not use any detergent, do not use soap and so on. Just scrub with water. Please finish washing in 5 minutes, wash in the cool and ventilated place.


7. I feel very hot after wearing, like a pepper paste, which is not the ingredients of pepper ah?
A: spontaneous hot moxibustion products, in the event of water or sweat, material molecules in the electrons, will be displaced, while releasing a lot of far-infrared negative ions and bio-electric, you feel is a strong biological current, not "Chili", if it is pepper, then, is not able to long-term washing, can still have a fever effect.
8. Why do some people react strongly, some people feel the needle of the uncomfortable, and some people will have itchy feeling
A: This is because each person suffering from different causes, different severity, the risk of rheumatic cold pain deposition and the severity of the different, the course also has a length. So everyone's feeling is different, some people feel stronger than others are strong, some people will have a very strong sense of acupuncture, and some people will have itching, these are normal. Do not worry about damage to the skin.
If you feel too strong, you can temporarily off, wear time to be able to tolerate is appropriate.
In general, the needle is a strong sense of infection, is due to the body of the wet poisoning, or large pores, sweat gland developed;
Itchy feeling, it is likely that the skin surface of the microcirculation is not good, or the user's own skin breathing function is not very good, so it will have itchy feeling.
Under normal circumstances, after a period of time, the above symptoms will be at any time on the regulation of body function gradually improved.
9. After a long period of time to wear, why the heat will be weakened, how to restore the heat it?
A: After a long period of time wearing, due to perspiration, skin grease and other dirt pollution of the hot spots, there will be reduced heat phenomenon, then need to wash the protective gear. Usually clean water can be, if the stains heavier, you can use a cloth dipped in a highly diluted detergent solution, gently wipe the hot spots, and then go clean water, ventilated place to dry.
Usually use a period of time can be exposed to the protective device, so that the product absorbs the sun's energy, to restore its fever effect.
10. What can people use for self-heating products? Is there any taboo?
A: Our products are nano-far infrared magnetic therapy series, with severe heart and brain disease and cancer, pregnant women disabled. But the condition is serious need to consult a doctor, diagnosed by the doctor, the doctor knows the knowledge of far infrared magnetic therapy.



11. how long can I take effect with my body?
A: health care products are not drugs, nor is the medical device, but to promote health care to promote health care. The use of these products can relieve physical discomfort, make the body more healthy, but it is by the long-term, step-by-step physical care health care. It will not be as fast as the drug as soon as possible to cure a certain disease.
12. Since the fever products do not have electricity can heat, will not be harmful to the human body?
A: Please rest assured that the use of self-heating products do not contain any drug ingredients, fever function is entirely done by physical effects, harmless to the human body.
13. I bought the goods that have a magnetic function, but how can I not touch the magnet?
A: We have the effect of magnetic therapy products are divided into two different forms: one is permanent magnet magnet, one is the life of magnetic functional fiber weaving. Inlaid permanent magnet magnet, you can touch the hand, can directly feel the hardness and existence of the magnet, and close to the metal can feel the obvious adsorption force. Life Magnetic is a fiber fabric with far infrared and magnetic therapy. It is as soft as that of ordinary textile, and there is no adsorption force of metal contact. But the magnetic field can be detected by using magnetic field. Compared with the two different processes, mosaic magnet magnetic therapy effect will be stronger, and life magnetic fabric feel is more soft and comfortable.



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