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Address: 407/23/10 Nguyen Xi Str, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, HCMC, Vietnam

Phone: +84 - (08) 3 553 4882

Vuong Dinh Co.,Ltd

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In today's society, with the development needs of people using the higher boosted social transformation demand "No food" shifted to "eat well" and has now switched to "nutritious" .
Capture the essential needs of the majority of consumers. On 05/04/2010 the company Vuong Dinh has been established to create the nutritious products that meet the needs of a large number of consumers.
Saigon adjacent grain material is abundant in the southern provinces has contributed to many products: rice noodles, fresh noodles, dried noodles, fresh noodles, driednoodles, rice paper, and other cereals of supply to the market. Vuong Dinh companyhas seen tremendous critical needs of the market for products made from rice.Combined with scientific research on brown rice with superior features compared withpolished rice currently on the market so the company invested Vuong Dinh processing technology products, brown rice: rice vermicelli brown, brown rice noodles, brown ricecake, brown rice flour types in order to complement the diverse choices of consumers.
Today, with the development of public information, perceptions of consumers has increased considerably in value of life, the effect of support in preventing grain brown rice and brown rice grains were as a functional food, value addition of minerals to the body and contribute to the prevention of associated cardiovascular disease, edema, excess bad cholesterol in the blood of an infected person, such as disease : diabetes, cancer, inflammation, ... .. and are suitable for dieters who lose weight, malnourished people.
Products of the company from the Kingdom The brown rice: brown rice noodles, brown rice noodles, brown rice cake, brown rice flour, .... Company United to continue to maintain the same kind of traditional products. and a particular company Vuong Dinh unused chemicals prohibited in production for the product. Make sure products are safe, hygienic and do not use additives, preservatives and borax.
Market United The company that it is interested in export of foreign currency earning for the country, parallel to the local market which is contributing to the sustainable development of enterprises.
With the motto: "Respect CUSTOMERS ARE respect for themselves." and branding, "the pure Vietnamese food, consumer-class" has prompted the company to United Orientation branding with trust of the majority of consumers at home and abroad.Vuong Dinh company striving to become one of the reliable companies with real products and create a pure Vietnamese consumer-class consumers in the country and aro

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Company Name: Vuong Dinh Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Address: 407/23/10 Nguyen Xi Str, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, HCMC, Vietnam
Website: http://www.vuongdinh.com/