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Shenzhen Volnen New Energy Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Volnen New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise , located in the special economic zones of Shenzhen Komeito town of Li Song Lang Industrial Zone II Blue Sky Technology Park , specializing in polymer lithium- ion battery research and development , production and sales . The company 's lithium-ion batteries for the development of new applications , provide the market with environmentally friendly, efficient , high-quality , high polymer lithium -ion battery.

     The company has a lithium-ion battery in the design, development , experienced R & D team , from production , R & D to sales staff have 10 years of relevant work experience. Company to product quality as the main line , to research and development as the center, to serve as a fundamental, market-oriented direction , always pay attention to all aspects of the battery in the latest developments and applications continue to provide customers with the latest advanced and safest lithium-ion battery products from the beginning the company planning , production line is equipped with the industry on advanced manufacturing equipment, precise testing instruments, and configure a sound laboratory equipment , whether it is produced or developed in strict accordance with ISO quality management system operation, so that products from R & D , trial production , the quantities are well documented , to ensure the security and stability of product performance .

The use of advanced technology , high-end materials manufacturing high-end products and services in every customer.

    Our company is a private enterprise , the strength of upfront investment capital of 20 million yuan, 50 million yuan investment in late , the main square and cylindrical polymer lithium ion secondary batteries. Our products are widely used in electronic cigarettes, communications equipment, consumer electronics, digital products , tablet PCs, detection equipment , medical equipment, security monitoring, electric tools, electric toys, handheld terminals , mobile lighting , military equipment and other fields

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Company Name: Shenzhen Volnen New Energy Co., Ltd.
Business Phone: 0755-23193866
Fax: 0755-23193636
Country: China
Website: http://www.volnen.com/