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Pure Bulk Ascorbic Acid Powder , Non Gmo Vitamin C Powder To Lower Hypertension

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Pure Bulk Ascorbic Acid Powder , Non Gmo Vitamin C Powder To Lower Hypertension

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes

Product Details

White Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C Crystalline Powder to Lower Hypertension

Vitamin C is a kind of Vitamin product with the largest yield and consumption and the widest application in the world currently. Now Vitamin C is the most important nutrition and it palys a very important role in maintaining the health of human being. Ascorbic Acid is well-known for its antioxygenation. Ascorbic acid is easy to be oxydated, but it can prevent different cells from damaging. So it is called antioxidant. Vitamin C was usually used for food preservation, acidification and fresh keeping.



AppearanceWhite or almost white, crystalline powder or colourless crystals
Melting pointAbout 190℃, with decomposition
Infrared Absorption SpectrumInfrared absorption spectrum accord with the reference spectrum of ascorbic acid CRS
pH (with 5% water solution)2.1 ~ 2.6
pH (with 2% water solution)2.4 ~ 2.8
Appearance of solutionClarity : clear; Colour: ≤BY7
Specific optical rotation+20.5 ̊ ~ +21.5 ̊
Loss on drying≤0.4%
Impurity E≤0.2%
Related substance

Impurity C: ≤0.15%

Impurity D: ≤0.15%

Unspecified impurities: ≤0.10%

Total impurities: ≤0.2%

Heavy metals≤10ppm
Sulphated ash≤0.1%
Residual solventsMeets the requirement



1. Improve the Metabolism of fat and lipoid, especially cholesterol and prevent from angiocardiopathy.

2. Promote the metabolism of amino acid and lengthen the life of the body.

3. Strengthen resistance to stress and immunity of human body to external environmental.

4. Improve the utilization of Iron, Calcium and folic acid.

5. Promote the growth of teeth and bones and prevent teethridge from bleeding.

6. Promote the biosynthesis of ossein. It is good for quick healing of wound.

7. Soluble strong antioxidant.

8. Hard connective tissue.


Recommendation On Use

Vitamin C can be used in wheat flour and its maximum usage is 0.2g/kg.
It also can be used in Concentrated fruit and vegetable juice and the usage should be according the requiremens of the production.
Vitamin C is used in fruit juice and carbonate beverages for prevent from going oxidative deterioration. Theoretically every 3.3mg Vitamin C can react with 1ml air. If the average assay of the air in the bottom clearance of the container is 5ml, 15-16g Vitamin C will make the oxygen assay in air be lower than critical level. And then prevent the products from discoloring and off-odor. Citric Acid can be used as synergist when Vitamin C was used as antioxidant.


Packaging and storage


25kg/carton or drum or according to the requests of the customers. It can load 20MT in one 20'GP. 


1. Is free sample available?
Generally we can provide 100g free sample and the frieght has to be undertaken by our customers. If you need more samples, we have to charge it.


2. Can you accept to deliver by our own shipping agent?


Yes, actually we have a very good shipping agent and if you do need to deliver the goods by your own agent, that is also OK.
3. What documents can you provide?
We can provide commercial invoice, packing list, MSDS, certificate of analysis, Certificate of origin, TSE/BSE, GMO etc. and if you have any other requirements, please feel free to let me know.

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