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Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Address: No.12 Shixin Rd, Xinshuikeng Village, Dalong Street, Panyu Dist., Guangzhou

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Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Guangzhou Long Cheng Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor play equipment. We have been committed to multimedia technology and automation control technology, to build high-return and high-tech entertainment for the entrepreneur.

Since 2009 the company has invested a lot of manpower and funding, independent research and development of 4D, 5D cinema system with dynamic effects, our brand "THE BRAVER'S WORLD", won the majority of investors, It currently has many successful operations projects in over 50 countries worldwide.

We always adhere to innovation, customer-oriented experience. Even the market is in fierce competition, we insist on creating high-quality products. We always believe that the customer experience is the basis for profitable businesses. Our company launched 7D interactive cinema in 2014, the head of special effects play, interactive athletic thrilling, Memorable customer experience process is really our most sought real 7D, our Interactive 7D cinema has become the new benchmark in the market.

Long Cheng Electronic newly developed interactive virtual reality equipment, New 9D VR Cinema "TIME TRAVEL," our technical team first breakthrough industry bottlenecks, achieve "No Dizziness, high-quality" 9D VR cinema! The high-tech comes true! A wave of virtual reality experience is coming! Unlimited business opportunity is here!

Our factory independently developed a variety of amusement equipment; we have passed the international CE, ISO9001 and other certification, and access to National patents. We will continue to create one after another gold project for the majority of investors, on the road to get rich, hand in hand to win. Our professional design team, operations team and sales team will provide investors from district analysis, program design, decoration design, installation services, and maintenance, movie updates, operational guidance and other services.

Let investors enjoy generous rewards high-tech brings wealth.

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Company info

Company Name: Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.
City: guangzhou
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: No.12 Shixin Rd, Xinshuikeng Village, Dalong Street, Panyu Dist., Guangzhou