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High Positioning Accuracy Virtual Reality Devices Computer Simulator System For Multi Person

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High Positioning Accuracy Virtual Reality Devices Computer Simulator System For Multi Person

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High Positioning Accuracy Large Space Positioning StepVR System


  • StepVR is the brand of the our core technology.
  • The large space laser positioning technology is the highlight with StepVR.
  • Hardware is indepedently developed.
  • Some software used under license.
  • Using limited physical space to simulate unlimited virtual reality world, with very high degree of freedom.

In StepVR, the effect is created by VR headsets consisting of head-mounted goggles with a screen in front of the eyes. StepVR is UNTETHERED i.e. no wires that would limit large movements thanks to advances in large space positioning technologies.




  • High positioning accuracy can be achieved up to 1mm
  • 6m x 6m free activity space
  • Multi person interactive
  • Low cost, easy to install
  • Can be extended to any large area



5 x 5 Square Meters Plan
  For 2 person with a 15-20 mins game  
1Positioning SystemGVB-B101Power restoration: 12V, 3A adapter. Include 4 cells, 120HZ, with related parts1 set0.5kg/set
2PositionerGVB-B201Quantity of sensor: 24 pcs Power: 2.5w Wireless Spectrum: 5.8G wifi Battery requirement: lithium battery or 5v, 360HZ2 pc0.2kg
3VR Glass Resolution ratio: 1200 * 1080, 90HZ,Quantity of sensor: 24 pcs, View Angle: 110 degrees, Battery requirement: lithium battery or 5v2 pc0.6kg/pc
4Wireless ComputerVR ONE 7REMSI VR ONE 7RE-065US,2.9GHz i7-7820HK Black, Red PC2 pc1kg
5Hand ShankGVB-B202Quantity of sensor: 30 pcs, Capacity of battery: 2000mAH,Working time: 3 hours,Wireless Spectrum: 5.8G wifi, 360HZ2 pc0.3kg
6Lithium Battery Input: 230W AC-in, 0.5 or 0.3c2 set2kg
7 GameSoft wareFor one person. 15 mins1 
RemarkRequirements: The minimun requirements for computer is i5
Space size: L5 x W5 x H2.4m (25 m2) with main bracket



1. High positioning accuracy and low delay
The high efficiency standard positioning unit with embedded control chip is indepedently developed. High positioning accuracy can be achieved up to 1mm, and the delay can be controlled below 2ms. High positioning accuracy and low latency means high level of VR immersion to the user.

2. Anti occlusion, easy to capture
Laser positioning technology has almost no delay and is not afraid of occlusion, even if the positioning unit or handle is placed on the back.

3. Unlimited expansion of VR space
VR space expansion is now possible. From a small space fit for one person up to thousands of square feet of play space - StepVR makes this easy to be achieved.

4. Multi target calibration
Laser positioning can realize the spatial location of infinite targets, because the laser positioning technology can be distributed That is, each location object carries its own processing unit, and the processing unit can also directly identify its own location node The data to calculate, to achieve each goal independent positioning. Even if the increase in target is more, it will not cause the system to overload .

5. Operation and maintenance cost is low
After installation and debugging of the equipment, it is not necessary to adjust the equipment repeatedly, such as optical positioning. This saves operators a great deal on labor and equipment cost.

6. Open source SDK
Provide open source SDK, perfect adaptation of the UE4 engine, CryEngine3, Unity 3D, Cocos 3D, native development and other engines .

7. High performance price ratio
With the development of VR market, the space also needs to be larger, but the high price of equipment prevents wide adoption. With the maturity of our self-developed laser large space positioning hardware solutions, pricing is now competitive. Price is only 1/2-1/3 compared to closest competitor in terms of specifications.

8. Running smoothly and smoothly
Laser positioning technology avoids the complexity of image processing technology, high equipment cost and slow operation speed. It is not easy to be affected by natural light and other disadvantages, and achieves indoor positioning with high precision and high response speed, compared with optical positioning. It is more stable, and the positioning unit with still run accurately and smoothly even in rough handling conditions.





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