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Simulation Virtual Reality Training Courses For Psychological Rehabilitation Intelligence Exercise

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Simulation Virtual Reality Training Courses For Psychological Rehabilitation Intelligence Exercise

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Virtual Reality Training Courses Used For Psychological Rehabilitation Intelligence Training Exercise Coordinated


4 years of entrepreneurship, laser positioning large space multi-user interactive system into the market, Guo Cheng led the team then created a series of low cost, completely independent intellectual property rights of the high precision and low delay laser space unlimited expansion solution, and the laser positioning space based on tracking and motion capture products. At present, the products have been successfully applied to many industries, such as education, medical treatment, military, film, games, and so on, and bring subversive changes to the industry.


TypeVirtual Reality Video Games
Product NameSimulation Target
Brand NameSTEPVR
Place of OriginBeijing, China (Mainland)
TechnologyLarge Space Laser Positioning Technology
Training And InstallationOverseas Service Is Availa


High End Technology "Combination"


 The laser positioning large space multiplayer interaction system includes 6 parts. The space positioning laser emitting unit can have millimeter level indoor positioning accuracy, distributed computing technology, allowing multiple simultaneous access. Unique wide range expansion technology, space can be extended to any area, the future world, such as the grid like infinite extension.
The standard location and action capture unit integrate the independent research and development reverse dynamics (IK) algorithm and the positioning 9 axis attitude fusion algorithm, with the maximum refresh rate of up to 330Hz. It can achieve low latency, high reduction experience, easy to wear, no calibration, support wired and wireless solutions, can be bound to human body or any object, real-time 1:1 capture space location and posture.



The wireless body sense operation handle is designed by human body engineering. It can be operated by force feedback, multi control and arbitrary direction. It is quick and agile and easy to operate. The virtual screen display unit has top VR head display, super image quality and immersion feeling, and natural interaction with the virtual world. The future world will be on the trigger. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful central computing unit, and a customizable body sense simulation prop that can 1:1 restore the real manipulation experience of the scene.



Infinitely extended ultra large virtual reality space
Laser positioning technology for independent research and development
Support the infinite expansion of virtual reality space
Lower cost
The best solution for the super virtual reality Museum


  Nowadays, laser positioning, large space and multi person interactive system is changing the development of many industries. In terms of military affairs, we can simulate all kinds of emergency events by laser capture and large space laser positioning system. We can carry out tactical maneuvers and drills, which can be close to actual combat plan training. The training cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the security is good. The disposal environment, so that trainees in the visual and auditory experience on the real emergency events familiar with environmental characteristics of important goals in key areas, many people collaborative exercises, tactical ability, skilled in the use of equipment, equipment to maximize efficiency, to enhance the presence of the trainees, improve combat awareness and training quality.
  In the medical field, laser trapping and large space laser positioning system will also play an important role. It will realize multi person cooperative operation, simulate the interaction of medical environment, and achieve high-precision applications of virtual medical devices, such as surgical suture and the use of medical devices. The system scenario can build different scenarios according to the actual environmental needs, for mental rehabilitation, intelligence training, exercise coordination rehabilitation training, to train healthy body and mind, and promote rehabilitation process. In the fields of education, sports, fire safety and other fields, this new technology can also give full play to its own advantages and promote its development.


Company Information


   KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is the Overseas Business Office of G-Wearables.

G-Wearables was founded in 2013. The core team of the company consists of top technology researchers and trend marketers. The company is focused on laser positioning research and development for applications such as virtual reality, motion capture, multi-person interaction and so on.

  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest or any questions. We are looking forward to have a successful business relationship with you in the nearly future.


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