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Yellowish PowderVinyl Chloride Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resin DAGD Countertype of DOW VAGD Used In Coatings

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Yellowish PowderVinyl Chloride Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resin DAGD Countertype of DOW VAGD Used In Coatings

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Product Details

Yellowish Powder Vinyl Copolymer Resin DAGD Countertype of DOW VAGD Used In Coatings




No.ItemIndexTest Method & Criteria
1AppearanceWhite or yellowish powderBy visual


(%, by Wt)

Vinyl Acetate4.0±1.0ISO1159-1978
Vinyl Alcohol6.0±0.5 

Reactive Functional Group

(Hydroxyl %)


Hydroxyl Value

(Mg KOH/g)

6K Value36-40GB/T3401-1999



8Glass Transition Temp(ºC)About 77GB11998-89
9Average Molecular WeightAbout 22000 

Grain Size

(through 60 mesh)


Stacking Density






Impurity Particle No.




25%(MEK : Toluene=1:1)solution

Colorless, Transparent, No insoluble matterBy visual



Marine overprinting varnish, common metal overprinting varnish, corrosion resistant coating for vessel and marine, lacquer for machinery shell, industrial maintenance paint, plastic lacquer, can coating,leather coating, high grade PU wood paint, metal paint, Interlamination adhesive, magnetic tape adhesive, Gravure printing ink for recombination etc.



Because the resin contains VC and VAC, DAGD resin is the excellent carrier of pigment used in the inks and coatings. Moreover, it possesses excellent adhesion on the following items, such as PET, resin primers, paper, acrylic resin, PVC, ABS, PC, the surface of ink, pretreated PE and OPP etc.

DAGD resin is often used with other film-forming materials to improve the properties of coating and strengthen adhesion, flexibility, toughness, hardness and chemical resistance. Because of hydroxyl functional group in the structure of resin, DAGD resin can implement cross linking reaction with thermosetting resins (e.g. Isocyanate), the formed film has the following excellences, such as bright, hard and tough, wear resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant and chemical resistant etc.


Solubility & Compatibility:

Ketone solvents are especially suited for DAGD resin, such as acetone, MEK, nadone and isophorone.

Compared with ketone solvents, ester solvents have lower solubility for DAGD resin, such as methyl acetate, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate etc. Therefore, we need to heat the solution or add ketone solvents into the solution while DAGD resin is dissolved in ester solvents.

Chlorohydrocarbons, Nitro compound and alicyclic solvents, such as dichloroethane and diethylene oxide, also can dissolve DAGD type of terpolymer resin, but these kinds of solvent are toxic, they are only used in special situation.

Lower molecular weight is helpful for increasing the solubility of resin and solid content of solution for DAGD resin.

DAGD copolymer resin is miscible with other resins during the course of usage, such as other types of vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer, PVC resin, perchloro-ethylene resin, ketone resins, chloroprene rubber, NBR, polyacrylate, epoxy resin, polyester and petroleum resin etc.


Packaging and Storage:

DAGD resin is usually packaged into the craft paper-plastic composite bag lined with plastic film according to 25Kgs per bag.

DAGD resin should be stored in dry place away from sunlight.

Any queries on technology or quality assurance can be inquired to our company.

Should DAGD resin have been kept over the shelf time, it shouldn’t mean the resin is invalid, but the user has to test the relevant properties of DAGD resin and its finished product before using it in bulk.

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