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Narrow Bandwidth Portable Video Receiver Strong Anti Multipath Interference Ability

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Narrow Bandwidth Portable Video Receiver Strong Anti Multipath Interference Ability

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Product Details

Portable COFDM Video Receiver With Narrow Bandwidth (2M-8MHz Adjustable) And Strong Anti-Multipath Interference Ability


LinkAV was founded in 2005 to provide wireless microwave products for video audio and data transmission based on COFDM/TDDOFDM/MESH/4G technology.

The COFDM with narrow bandwidth (2M-8MHz adjustable) and strong anti-multipath interference ability,different with analog and conventional modulation techniques, We are special for high-speed and real-time high-quality non-line-of-sight images transmission, particularly suitable for using under complex environments.

H.264 standard video coding,1080P high-definition,clear picture quality, bright colors, smooth image characteristics for high reliable video transmission.

Our wireless video transmission equipment are widely used in government surveillances,law enforcement,UAV &UGV ,broadcasting, security, civil defense, fire, emergency rescue departments,forest fire prevention, transportation, customs, railways, mining, electricity, finance and so on.


Portable COFDM Video Receiver Specification:

Transmission Characteristics
Working Frequency160-900 MHz ( 900MHz-2.7GHz can be customized)
FEC(forward error correction)1/2, 2/3, 3/4,5/6, 7/8
Guard Interval1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Data Characteristics
Video OutputHDMI display, External Display Screen: AV Output
Video CompressionH.264/MPEG-2
Storage interfaceTF card
Antenna InterfaceN Female Head*2
Parameter Control MethodUsing digital LED control panel
Encryption256 - bit AES (can set user’s password)
Display Screen Size10.1 inch
Electrical Characteristics
Working VoltageDC 12V
Power consumption≤20W
Working Current1.5 A
Battery4 hours continuously working time
Physical Characteristics
Working Environment-10~70℃
Size300 × 200 × 30 mm


The LinkAV C1004 handheld COFDM receiver is a fully portable addition to the range of digital video products. It contains an integrated digital receiver for using with COFDM transmitter units.
Compact, battery powered and light weight, the C1004 is designed for customers who require a discrete and completely portable surveillance solution.
The intelligent design of the C1004 reduces setup time and ensures reliable reception of video, audio and data in non line of sight conditions.
The C1004 is suitable for line of sight and non line of sight transmission. Further range may be achieved by selecting reception mode, booster amplifiers and antenna type. The unit can be combined with a variety of antennas and other RF accessories in order to achieve greater range.It is compatible with our COFDM transmitters.


Portable COFDM Video Receiver Picture:



Work with COFDM Video Transmitter.

The C322 transmitter is a body-worn dual audio COFDM video transmitter from Wireless LinkAV, it supports two way voice intercom, designed specifically for government surveillance, law enforcement, military command, emergency rescue, border control, internal security, critical infrastructure protection, maritime surveillance video transmission applications.

With the leading COFDM technology and H.264 encoder technology, the C322 transmitter enables viewers high definition images ideal for establishing rugged wireless video links in all complex environments including mobile and urban/ mountain /sea environments.


The C322 transmitter is ideal for applications requiring long term battery power deployments and Voice intercom, it employs low latency High Profile H.264 (MPEG-4 ) encoding for excellent image quality retention over the wireless link. It is very well suited to all mission types. Security is ensured with AES256 encryption. C321 transmitter can transmit images in a non-line of sight environment up to 2-5km, depending on mode and frequency.



Transmission Characteristics
ConstellationQPSK (4QAM), 16QAM, 64QAM
Working Frequency300-900MHz( 900MHz-2.7GHz can be customized)
Transmission Power33dBm/37dBm( adjustable)
FEC(forward error correction)1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 7/8
Guard Interval1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Antenna Gain3.5dbi (Omni Antenna) (optional)
LatencyLess than 150 ms
Transmission Range2-5km (NLOS) ~ 15-30 km (LOS)
Data Characteristics
Video InputHDMI (support 1080P/1080i/ 720P/ 720i…) / AV(NTSC/PAL…)
Video CompressionH.264
Audio InputIntercom earplugs
RF InterfaceN Female head
Audio interfaceK head intercom earplugs /Handheld microphones
Data interfaceMicro USB
Parameter Control MethodUsing digital LED control panel
Encryption256 - bit AES (can set user’s password)
Electrical Characteristics
Working VoltageDC 12V
Working Current1.5A
Power consumption≤20W
Battery5 hours continuously working time
Physical Characteristics
Working Environment-10~70℃
Dimensions170 × 120 × 45 mm (without battery)
220 × 120 × 45 mm (with battery)
Weight1.2kg (without battery)
1.78kg (with battery)


Product Feature:

  • High quality digital video processing ,H.264 encoding and decoding;
  • COFDM digital modulation technology and H.264 image compression technology.
  • Real-time transmission system, delay time for end-to-end is less than 150ms;
  • Good diffraction ability, can transmit video/audio/data stably in the condition of high speed movement and multi-path interference.
  • Strong (NLOS) Non-light of sight transmission capacity;
  • Customized transmitting power 2~5W;
  • Large broadband output power (2W),adjustable power, Long distance transmission;
  • Spatial diversity reception ability, support high-speed up to 500 km/h mobile transmission.
  • Stable signals, image clear and stable, has no mosaic or drag phenomenon.
  • Support two-way voice Intercom, and comes with PTZ control and data transmission;
  • Small volume, light weight, easy to installation and operation.
  • Low power consumption, excellent heat dissipation, working temperature≤45℃;
  • Patented Integrated design, built-in battery and outside core power interface;


Our main products are COFDM,TDD and 4G wireless video transmitter&receiver,which are widely used in police law enforcement,military command,UAV/UGV,city security,emergency rescue,forest fire prevention surveillance,harbor wharf video surveillance,construction sites surveillance, tunnel,oil field,automobile surveillance,fire Services,port Security,Homeland Security,Traffic Management,Police Technical Support Units,Special Forces,Airport, Border Control,Major Incident Support etc.


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