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Digital Channel UAV Video Transmitter Wireless Hd Transmitter AES256

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Digital Channel UAV Video Transmitter Wireless Hd Transmitter AES256

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Digital Channel UAV Video Transmitter Wireless Hd Transmitter AES256


COFDM UAV Video Transmitter

The C654 transmitter is a mini COFDM video transmitter from Wireless LinkAV, designed specifically for UAV/ Drones video transmission applications.

With proven LinkAV COFDM technology and H.264 encoder technology at its core, the C654 transmitter enables viewers high definition images ideal for establishing rugged wireless video links in all environments including mobile and urban environments.

The small size and ultra-low power consumption make the C654 transmitter ideal for UAV installations, enabling true long range HD quality transmission from these increasingly popular devices for the first time. Optional lightweight, low power consumption amplifiers are also available for even greater range capability.

C654 transmitter can transmit images air to ground up to 20km, depending on mode and frequency.


In all kinds of emergency processing, aerial data can provide strongest evidence for the society when emergency event monitoring, analying and processing . UAV video transmission system can easily realize the air monitoring, forensics, air command, and rescue reconnaissance.
The first time arrived at the scene
Crime scene investigation
Large-scale activitiesSpecial report/news/TV program production
Emergency command and broadcast

System composition
1,Airbone video transmitting equipment
2.Grond Receiving Equipment
3.Other accessory equipment


COFDM UAV Video Transmitter Specification

Transmission Characteristics
Frequency300MHz-2.7GHz ( Default 700MHz/2.4GHz)
Transmit power30dBm
RF bandwidth2MHz~8MHz(optional),0.1MHz step
FEC(forward error correction)1/2,2/3,3/4, 5/6,7/8
Guard Interval1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Antenna Gain3.5dbi (Omni Antenna) (optional)
Transmission rangeAir to Ground 20km
Data Characteristics
Video Input

HDMI: 1080 60P,1080 50P,1080 30P,1080 25P,1080 24P,1080 60I,1080 50I,1080 30I,720 60P,720 50P,720 30P,... (Mode adaptive)

AV:720x480 60I(NTSC),720x576 50I(PAL) (Mode adaptive)

Video CompressionH.264
RF InterfaceSMA F head
Parameter Control MethodUsing digital LED control panel
Encryption256 - bit AES (can set user’s password)
Electrical Characteristics
Working VoltageDC12V
Working Current≤1.2A(@12V)
power consumption≤14.5W
Physical Characteristics
Working Environment-10℃~+70℃


Transmitter Antenna:SMA Female head,Standard with omni directional feeder whip antenna,antenna gain is 3.5dbi.

(Note: Please don’t turn on the transmitter without TX antenna ,otherwise it cound be damaged.)

FM board Interface:From left to right the pins are:1.DC5V,2.GND,3.RXD,4.TXD, If needed, transmitter parameters can be modified by our FM board or through the computer serial port.

Data interface: Can be connected with computer,change parameters via serial port TTL level,Transparent baud rate factory default is 115200, Please confirm the details in our instruction list.

Power Interface: voltage12V DC, current 1A

A/V CVBS Signals Input: 3.5MM / 3 audio and video interface, AV cable connect to the analog camera.

Working Indicator:Work indicator are red and yellow digital tubes,normal work power on with red indicator,Connected to the signal source,yellow light blinks when the transmitter normally sends data,The faster the flash, the larger the transmitted data.

HDMI signal input:HDMI-C interface, you can use the HDMI (C-D) cable to connect high-definition camera.




Airbone video transmitting equipment-----Mini COFDM UAV Video Transmitter
LinkAV produce the broadcast-level high-definition video transmission system by adapting the leading COFDM modulation technology, with narrow bandwidth (2M-8MHz adjustable) and strong anti-multipath interference ability, overcome the analog and conventional modulation techniques, High-speed transmission and real-time high-quality non-line-of-sight transmission images, particularly suitable for using under complex environments; video coding using H.264 standard, 1080P high-definition, clear picture quality, bright colors, smooth image characteristics.


Grond Receiving Equipment-----Mini COFDM UAV Video Receiver
LinkAV-C204 is specifically designed as UAV video receiver,and compatible with unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) video transmitting equipment. It's a simple, convenient, easy to operate and use receiving device.Which support external display, and TF card video storage support.

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