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2-8MHz TTL / RS232 / RS485 2.4G NLOS LOS COFDM Transmitter With Narrow Bandwidth

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2-8MHz TTL / RS232 / RS485 2.4G NLOS LOS COFDM Transmitter With Narrow Bandwidth

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2.4G NLOS LOS COFDM Transmitter With Narrow Bandwidth 2-8MHz TTL / RS232 / RS485


About us:

LinkAV was founded in 2005 to provide wireless microwave products for video audio and data transmission based on COFDM/TDDOFDM/MESH/4G technology.
The COFDM with narrow bandwidth (2M-8MHz adjustable) and strong anti-multipath interference ability, different with analog and conventional modulation techniques, We are special for high-speed and real-time high-quality non-line-of-sight images transmission,particularly suitable for using under complex environments.
H.264 standard video coding, 1080P high-definition,clear picture quality, bright colors, smooth image characteristics for high reliable video transmission.
Our wireless video transmission equipment are widely used in government surveillances, law enforcement,UAV &UGV,broadcasting,security,civil defense,fire,emergency rescue departments,forest fire prevention,transportation,customs,railways,mining,electricity,finance and so on.


What our UAV COFDM Transmitter wireless video air to ground links working for:
We are using Cofdm low frequency digital techonology wireless air to ground video transmission,Cofdm has strong stability and a strong anti-interference ability for digital transmission channel in complex environment,Low frequency will help in air attenuation for longer transmission distance,the accuracy of digital transmission for 1080P smooth images quality,Which is a video transmission solution for industrial and military grade unmanned aerial vehicles.
a:Police&Military use;street shooting,monitoring patrol,military government use.
b:Agricultural field;field surveillance image transmission.
c:Engineering monitoring;building external scanning,check the building walls.
d:Power line inspection;
e:Oil pipelines;bottom oil drilling platform,natural gas, high tower, sea monitor.

Linkav-C654 COFDM Transmitter TX Specification:

VersionHigh Definition Version
Transmission Characteristics
Frequency300-900MHz (adjustable 0.1M per step)
Transmit power30dBm
RF bandwidth2MHz~8MHz(optional) 1KHz step
FEC(forward error correction)1/2,2/3,3/4,7/8
Guard Interval1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Transmission range1km(NLOS)~15km(LOS)
Antenna Gain3.5dbi (Soft Antenna) (optional)
Data Characteristics
Video Input

HDMI: 1080 60P,1080 50P,1080 30P,1080 25P,1080 24P ,1080 60I,1080 50I,1080 30I,720 60P,720 50P,720 30P,... (Mode adaptive)

AV:720x480 60I(NTSC),720x576 50I(PAL) (Mode adaptive)

Video CompressionH.264
RF InterfaceSMA F head
Parameter Control MethodUsing digital LED control panel
Encryption256 - bit AES (can set user’s password)
Serial PortTTL level
Electrical Characteristics
Working VoltageDC12V
Working Current≤1.2A(@12V)
Power consumption≤14.5W
Physical Characteristics
WeightLess than 105g
Working Environment-20℃~+70℃



Linkav-C204 RX Specification:

VersionHigh definition version
Transmission Characteristics
Frequency200-860MHz optional(Default 700MHZ)
RF bandwidth2/3/4/6/7/8MHz optional
Data Characteristics
Video Output

HDMI:1920x1080 p60

AV:720x480 60I(NTSC)

Video CompressionH.264
RF InterfaceSMA F head
Parameter Control MethodUsing digital LED control panel
Encryption128 - bit AES (can set user’s password)
Electrical Characteristics
Working VoltageDC6V-15V
Working Current≤0.2A(@12V)
power consumption≤2.5W
Physical Characteristics
WeightLess than 248g
Working Environment-20℃~+70℃



LinkAV main products are COFDM, TDD and 4G wireless video transmitter & receiver, which are widely used in city security, police forces, forest fire prevention surveillance, harbor wharf video surveillance, construction sites surveillance, tunnel, oil field, UAV, automobile surveillance, Fire Services, Port Security, Homeland Security, Traffic Management, Police Technical Support Units, Special Forces, Military Command and Control Posts, Airport, Border Control, Major Incident Support etc.



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