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Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery Co. LTD. was established in 1996, mainly design and manufacture vibrating screen equipment, conveying equipment, lifting equipment, mixing equipment, dust removal equipment and other kinds of powder equipment.

    After more than 20 years development with the support of governments at all levels, we have 2 senior engineers and several intermediate or junior engineers with independent design and development capabilities. Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery has plant covers an area of more than 2000 square meters and office building covers an area of 800 square meters with 50 years of property rights to laid a firm foundation for a long-term stable service.

    Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery has a variety of CNC machining equipment, such as machining center, CNC lathe, CNC gantry drilling machine, CNC welding machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC plate shearing machine, large wave folding machine, metal netting machine, etc., we have now reached automatic production of blanking, welding, machining and other processes by cooperating with a large number of tools and molds to form an automated production line, and is committed to gradually realizing data interconnection and unmanned intelligent production. The use of automation equipment has greatly improved the production efficiency, and reduced the cost of a single machine, so that Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery in the premise of quality assurance to the general customers.

    The designers of Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery are committed to meet the differentiated requirements of different users, we provide customized design services, improve product adaptability, optimize the cost performance from the deep understanding of the product working principle and user process. At the same time, Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery is equipped with a large number of testing and experimental equipment for the product delivery test to ensure the product consistency and stability and provide a high-precision products to users.

    At present, Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery has been exported to 46 countries on 5 continents, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, West Asia, Middle East and Africa and we have over 13,000 active users in China. The main users include international famous enterprises and advanced scientific research institutions, the most representative are Air China, CICC, China Metallurgical Group Corporation, CNPC, Sinopec, Charoen, Pokphand, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Medical Administration and so on.

    The tenet of Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery is: "with superb technology to deeply understand the needs of users, continue to improve the quality, provide a full line of customization. With high quality, first-class service to fulfill the commitment to customers ". All the staff of our company are committed to providing high quality service for customers.

    In 2016, Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery was successfully listed on the new fourth board.

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Company Name: Xinxiang Tongxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
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