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High efficiency best photovoltaic 230W solar panels for homes (rv solar panels)

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High efficiency best photovoltaic 230W solar panels for homes (rv solar panels)

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Advantages of our High Power performance solar panel /solar panel kits / solar panels for sale /portable solar panels :   

•   80% of our solar energy  are export to more than 30 countries in the world

•   Successful solar station , solar power system projects , solar power generator ,solar panels for home,solar kits  are installed in more than 30 countries globally 

•   Factory and solar power products are approved by ISO9001 /14001 , TUV , UL and CE .

•   Annual 300MW solar panel and solar energy products production capacity

•   Using the latest techology and equipments , 90% production facilities are imported from Germany , Italy & US

Vglory wide range High quality International Standard solar power run your perfect Solar power stations , Solar power system , solar generator,portable solar generator solar water pump ,solar powered generator,solar panels for home,etc , 

1). Each solar panel is embedded with a sheet of high transparent tempered glass, two sheets of long endurance EVA, a high efficiency solar cells sheet and a sheet of anti humidity TPT for different weather conditions.

2). High Conversioncy of Solar Energy /Solar panels  / solar panel kits /solar powered generator 

3). High transmission rate also low-iron tempered glass 

4). Anti-aging EVA material , high frame resistant TPT to laminate also anodized alloy aluminum frame

5). Be resistant to atmospheric exposure and effects of delaminating

6). Very Strict quality control system also solar power classification 

7). all solar certificated ISO9001 , ISO1400 , OHSAS18001, CE , TUV IEC/EN61215 IEC/EN61730

8). Built-in diode prevents reverse charging.

9).25years Warranty, 90% of original efficiency in 10years, and 80% in 25years. 

Best Quality Materials Making our High quality solar panels/solar energy/best solar /solar power system :

1. Solar cells------ Germany manufactured Bosch solar cell, efficiency is about 18%

2. Front glass------ high transmission, low iron, tempered glass.

3. EVA-----excellent anti-aging EVA

4. Junction box----- Ip65 rated, high quality, with diode protection . 

Etc ... 

Applications of our solar panels  :

1. Any large or small on-grid or off-grid different scale solar power stations or solar panels for your home

2. Commercial and industrial building solar panels for home roof-top solar power system / solar system for home

3. Resident systems ,solar generator ,solar panel kits .

4. Any commercial or industrial ground mounting systems .

5. apply for such as : solar power station , residential solar panels ,solar power generator, home solar panels,solar air conditioner,solar chargers,photovoltaic systems,solar kits, solar farm,home solar panel kits,solar pump,solar panels for rv , Solar power system , solar water heater, solar lights , solar street lamp, etc

200-245W 60x6" Poly Solar Panel
High reliability with guaranteed +3%power output tolerance Withstands high wind-pressure and snow...
           Data sheet tested by BERGER module simulator at STC, STC: AM 1.5,1000W/m², 25°C

-Number of poly crystalline solar cell 60pcsx6"
-Aluminum frame, dimension 1640x992x45mm
-Maximum system voltage 1000VDC
-Weight 20kg
-Voltage temperature coefficien Voc=-0.39%/°C
-Current temperature coefficient Isc=+0.033%/°C
-Power temperature coefficient Pm=-0.44%/°C
-Bypass diodes to reduce loss in partial shadow
-TUV/EN61215,EN61730 certificate
-Performance test data for each module
-Positive power tolerance up to +3%

25year Quality Warranty
-10 years with 100% product warranty
-12 years 90% rated power output
- 25 years 80% rated power output

1. Improvements to BSF structure and anti-reflective coating to increase conversion efficiency.
2. Unique design on drainage holes and rigid construction prevents frame from deforming or breaking due to freezing weather and other forces.



            High reliability with guaranteed +3%power output tolerance  

           Withstands high wind-pressure and snow load, and extreme temperature variations
           Sturdy, clear- anodized aluminum frame with pre-drilled holes for quick installation
           Advanced EVA encapsulation with triple-layer back sheet, meets the most stringent safety
           requirements for high-voltage operation
           Pre-wired junction box equipped with connectors
           Reliable bypass diodes to prevent overheating (hot spot effect) and to minimise power loss by shading.
           Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000-certified Factory
           High conversion based on innovative photovoltaic technologies efficiency
            On-grid applicationsStreet and camp lightsMicrowave/radio repeater stations
            Off-grid applicationsTraffic signalsBattery charging
            Solar home systemsMedical facilities inWater pumping
            Remote village lightingRemote areasWater purification systems




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